You’re Only As Good As Your Content

Written by SuperUser Account on 2/26/2015
You’re Only As Good As Your Content

Stop and think about your marketing for a second. Ideally, how do you want your marketing to be? You want websites that wow, printed pieces that pop, emails that engage, and social media that snaps. All those pieces I mentioned above have content - and we need that from you to make your marketing work!

You’re in your business day in and day out, working with all the minutiae, deep in the details. As a marketing company, we are here to help you, but we don’t know your business like you do. So we rely on your constant input and information to really give your marketing that extra personal touch – that extra "oomph", if you will. Even if you don’t have the time to send us a daily email with what’s going on, basic guidelines of what your website should contain or what you want to mention on social media will help your marketing company streamline your work!

Here are some great ideas for content that can be used in your marketing:

  • The important stuff - Name, address, phone numbers, emails, your website, your social media pages, and any other way you want customers to contact you. This is going to go in every piece of your marketing, so don’t skimp on the info!
  • What you’re about - A one or two-line description about your business and what you do. This is great for your website’s home page and printed items! Go into more details on your website, or in a brochure.
  • What’s going on – Are you running a special promotion? Got a contest happening? Did someone have a birthday at the office? Are you a sponsor for an event coming up? People love knowing about what you’re doing and what’s happening with you. This sort of content is fantastic for social media and email marketing!
  • Spotlights – If you sell products, it’s great to feature some of them in blog posts, social media, or in your emails. Just saying what they are isn’t enough, though – tell everyone what’s so great about the item or items, and why your company loves them! If you don’t sell products, spotlight your wonderful team! Snap a picture of an employee, and talk about them and what they do for the business.

Working with your marketers is a two-way street – great content gives us lots to work with and use, which makes your marketing even better. So don’t skimp on the content!

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