Because it takes more than luck to get seen on results pages.

Search engine optimization used to be all about keyword stuffing and feeding search engine robots exactly what they wanted. But these ill-advised SEO tactics will now get you penalized, and keep you from ranking high with search engines.

In order to rank high today, you have to put into practice ethical SEO tactics that work within the rules and accepted practices of search engines. Search engines like Google and Yahoo have refined their algorithms to make sure that websites that rank high do so because they offer a rewarding user experience, not because of a certain number of words or links. At 5 Stones Media, we help you rank high by giving your audience exactly what they want and need.

Rather than focus on keyword density and thousands of links back to a site, we approach SEO with a “users first” mentality that ensures that you reach your target audience without being penalized by search engines.

Helping you rank high with proven SEO tactics

At 5 Stones Media, we know that the foundation of any good SEO campaign is quality content and rock solid architecture. Web surfers rely on places of authority to gather information and make purchases. And that’s exactly what we do: make you an authority figure in your field.

But how?

  • There’s a lot of talk about citations and backlinks, and while these do have an impact on your ranking, there’s no use focusing on these elements if you don’t have a solid foundation to build upon. Before we decorate the walls with backlinks and citations, we roll up our sleeves and get to work on making sure your structure (website) is sturdy and sound.
  • Each web page should have a specific focus, built around logical and highly-searched keywords. These pages should provide the user relative information, in an engaging manner, which includes offering images, videos, graphs and more.
  • SEO isn’t a game of pin the tail on the donkey, where we walk around blindfolded hoping to hit our target. As part of our SEO services, we dig deep into market trends, data and research to determine how best to boost your rankings. This includes, potentially, taking a new look at your desired keywords, as well as determining how best to use social media and active blogging to your advantage.

Most importantly, by committing to only legitimate (white-hat) SEO tactics, we can ensure our clients will never be penalized by one of Google’s many algorithm updates that come down the pike.

Things to consider in search engine optimization

SEO isn’t like search engine marketing; they’re two separate approaches. SEO does not yield instant results. Google and other search engines take many things into account when ranking websites organically, including:

  • The age of your domain
  • Your competition
  • Number of quality inbound links to your site
  • The content of your site

In other words, SEO is a longterm commitment, but one that’s worth investing in, as most web surfers trust (and click) the organic results they find atop the list on results pages. No matter where you rank right now for your current target keywords, we can help you rank higher. Let’s get to work.