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"All things being equal, people will do business with and refer business to those people they know, like, and trust." - Bob Burg

Who has time to socialize? 5 Stones Media does! In fact, we “Like, Like, Like” social media and managing your customer relationships. We do what you don’t have time to do so that you can get the results you want in less time.

If you’ve tried tackling social media, you know there are too many opportunities and too little time to log in to the multiple platforms that are available. We have staff on hand whose day-to-day tasks are to set up, manage and maintain social media on behalf of our clients. They love what they do, and you’ll love the results. We know what works and doesn’t work because we do this every day, therefore we can analyze results in minimal time and adjust the strategy specifically to your customer demographics.

Getting a return on your social media investment is our focus and we never blindly post irrelevant messages. All of our posts are done with intent, which is to bring you more interest and conversions.

Some of the strategies we use include:

  • Contest management: We craft fun, interesting and creative contests that build your audience, increase brand awareness and drive business to your doors.
  • Facebook fan pages: With over a billion active users, FB gives you plenty of potential visitors to your business – whether online or brick-and-mortar. We can design a custom landing page, generate more fans and followers, promote your specials, events, promotions, news and maintain ongoing connections.
  • Blogs and forums: Few business owners have time to scour forums or to write daily blogs. We do! Fresh content helps with SEO and building an audience about a specific niche that you cater to.
  • Linked In, Twitter, Pinterest, Other: No matter what your field of expertise, the many opportunities for social media can help you reach out. From forums that cater to authors to shopping markets and more, it could take you all day, every day to accomplish what 5 Stones Media can do for you in just a few minutes. Let us Tweet, Pin or Post on your behalf to stay connected all the time!
  • YouTube: 5 Stones Media can produce short marketing videos, infomercials, how-to videos, cartoons, news, and other YouTube interests to capture the millions of people who tune in to YouTube every day. Our professional videographers will create a video that represents your brand, company personality and that will get viewers. This also achieves long-term marketing objectives by remaining on YouTube forever and can often be re-promoted and reused many times for a lasting effect.

Make a lasting impression and build relationships with 5 Stones social media management. Contact us for help today!

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