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We live by that old adage. When having a custom website built, you need a web designer who is willing to listen. We want to build you YOUR dream website, not ours.

Yes, we understand that we are the professionals and that you are leaning on our expertise. Our job is not to just build you our vision of the perfect website. It is to build you something that makes you giddy every time you see it.

Your website needs to fit your brand, your personality, and your voice - but most importantly it needs to work. So rest assured, we’ll open our ears before we open our mouth.

Build the
Website of
your dreams

Everyone that comes to us has their own story about why they need a new website. Some of the more common pain points we hear are:

  • My website looks terrible on phones and tablets
  • Every time I need a change made to my website it takes my website guy weeks (or months) to get to it. Why can’t I just do it myself?!!!
  • My website looked good when it was built 10 years ago, but now it’s so outdated.
  • My website has lots of information on it, but it’s not bringing me any new business.
  • When I pull my website up on my ipad, it’s just a blank white page.
  • I’m not showing up in Google
  • I have no idea if my website is driving new business.

At 5 Stones, we got our start as a web design shop and websites are still at the core of what we do. We've built hundreds of websites and know what it takes to build a website that actually makes a difference to your bottom line.

What You Need in a Website

  • Looks great
    on all devices

  • Ranks high in
    Search Engines

  • Ability to edit

  • Lead capture for
    high conversion

  • Makes it easY
    to do business

Our first website was designed by 5 Stones. When it was time for an updated version we knew just who to call.

DR.Jeff Miller, DC

Every custom website we build is designed just for you. When we custom design - we aren’t limited to the confines of a template.

Your design is infinitely adjustable during the design process. You can
have any color - or any layout.

We start off in Photoshop - create your design - and when YOU say “I Love It!” that’s when we BUILD your website’s theme.

In October 2016, more websites were viewed on mobile devices and tablets than desktops for the first time ever.

Google says 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they had trouble accessing and 40% visit a competitor’s site instead. (MicKinsey & Company)

57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. (CMS Report)

A 5 Stones website will be built using responsive design. It will display nicely across all devices. Google will love your new website and your visitors will too.

DNN (formerly known as DotNetNuke) is the best content management system (CMS) you’ve never heard of.

DNN is an enterprise class CMS, but we like to say that it’s scalable for any size business, from a snowball stand to NASA. (literally, NASA uses DNN). We’ve built one-page DNN websites, and we’ve built DNN sites with thousands of pages. They work equally well in both cases without being overkill.

DNN has been around since 2003 and keeps getting stronger. If you’re looking for a rock-solid CMS, DNN is the answer.

Want to know who else is using DNN? Check out the logos to the right (below, if you're on a mobile device). Don’t let the list scare you. We know you’re not NASA, but that doesn’t need to stop you from having the best technology under the hood of your website.

You shouldn’t have to depend on your website developer to make simple changes to your website. At 5 Stones, we’re here to support you as much or as little as you need, but your new website will be super simple and intuitive to make edits.

Need to edit text? YOU can do that!
Need to add an image? An entire image gallery? YOU can do that!
Need to add a new page? YOU can do that!
Need to do search engine optimization? YOU can do that!

And we’ll teach you!

DNN (or DotNetNuke) was at one time a challenging CMS to optimize for the search engines. 5 Stones is known for innovation with DNN SEO. We have always been able to outrank the platforms known for being great for SEO.

The latest versions of DNN have become very good platforms for SEO right out of the box. Combine that with our knowledge of DNN, SEO, and Internet Marketing - and you have a winning combination.

A website from 5 Stones Media will have all of the best practices for SEO in place giving you a great foundation for being found online. We are on-page SEO experts and take pride in giving you an advantage over your competition.

Need to have people be in control of their own section of the website but don’t want to allow them to edit the entire thing? Not a problem.

DNN was built around user permissions. Unlike many popular CMS platforms, DNN doesn’t require some clunky plugin to achieve this. It’s built right into the core.

Permissions can be set on a granular level, allowing you to give certain users the ability to edit a section of the website, a single page, or even a small part of one page.

You can also set limits on the types of editing that can be done. You can give people permission to edit content but not add pages. You can allow people to add events to an events calendar but have no other editing functions. These are just 2 small examples.

If you need to control what people in your organization have permission to do on your website, then a DNN site is perfect for you.

When you buy a 5 Stones website, you own that website. You will never feel like you are held hostage by us. If you ever decide you don’t want to work with us, you simply take your website to the next DNN developer. This keeps us on our toes.

Training - we teach you how to edit your own website - and we have regular refresher courses.

Hosting - hosting is setup on your own hosting account with a 3rd party hosting provider. We choose because they specialize in DNN.

Domain - we always make sure your domain name is registered to you. At no time do we ever take control of your domain. You always remain the owner. We have worked with many clients who came to us thinking they owned their domain name but in actuality their previous website developer did.

youhold the keys

Ryan Barker's 5 Stones Experience

With every website we have a set of preferred premium extensions that we include.

EasyDNNNews - this is by far the best extension available for news articles, blogs, events calendar, structured content, and more.

EasyDNNGallery - when looking for an image gallery for a DNN website there is no reason to look any further than EasyDNNGallery. This extension is powerful, flexible, and easy to use.

EasyDNNRotator - most commonly used on a website’s homepage, rotating images are a great way to showcase products and services. They are often used as a secondary navigation. EasyDNNRotator is simply the best way to accomplish this feature.

Superform - contact forms, multi-step forms, and lead capture are just some of the possibilities with this super powerful form module.

Flexible &Easy to use Extensions.

In the section above, we listed out the extensions we use by default on a typical website.

One of the best reasons to use DNN for your website is the large number of extensions that are available through the DNN Store.

The DNN Store is the online marketplace where most DNN developers sell their products. There you can find extensions that will “extend” the functionality of your website.

Later on, when you decide that you need your website to do something new, like maybe have a store locator, it's very likely that an extension can be purchased from the DNN Store that will give your website that functionality.

Of course, we don’t expect you to do these sorts of things on your own (though you could), so know that we are always available to help.

5 Stones started out as a web design shop. We are now a full service marketing agency, but web design is still a core offering.

By taking our web design expertise and combining that with our expert knowledge of marketing, we will build you a better website.

When it comes time to add those pieces that will drive qualified traffic to your website, such as Google pay-per-click or Facebook advertising, we can help with that and make those marketing channels work together with the excellent website that we built you.

Below you can meet our team. This eclectic group is ready to serve you.

Ready to
serve you

Brian Walker Tuesday, June 27, 20170

Brian Walker

CEO & Founder

Kim Walker Tuesday, June 27, 20170

Kim Walker

Director of Client Services

J.R. Portman Tuesday, June 27, 20170

J.R. Portman

COO & Vice President

Danni Marks Tuesday, June 27, 20170

Danni Marks

Digital Advertising Specialist

Tony Romain Tuesday, June 27, 20170

Tony Romain

Art Director

Michelle Travis Tuesday, June 30, 20200

Michelle Travis

Executive Assistant & Webmaster Jedi

Hallie Dauterive Monday, October 12, 20200

Hallie Dauterive

Marketing Strategist

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