There is no task too large for us to handle. Our team approach gives us the power to overcome any obstacle with creativity and precision.

OUR Philosophy

We’re big on foundation. With everything we do, the basics need to be rock solid before we move on, so you never have to worry about anything ever crashing down.

Outsourced marketing typically falls into the hands of behemoth agencies on one end of the spectrum and kitchen table freelancers on the other. We are here to poke a hole in the world view and show them that there is a third option.

- Brian Walker, CEO

Our Style

We encourage collaboration and contribution from our team members, because we realize the more minds involved in a problem, the more likely a winning solution will be discovered.

Our roots

When we first opened up shop, in 2011, we focused mainly on website design - but we quickly realized websites aren’t standalone services. They are an integral part of how you get your message out there, but they don’t do that job alone. Social Media, SEO, branding, e-mail marketing - these are all opportunities for companies to connect with audiences and grow their reach.

Realizing we could offer our clients a more complete solution, we began to grow our team beyond web design specialists. Committed to the importance of both educational training, and hands-on experience, we began to expand the 5 Stones team, so that our clients could rely on us as long-term partners equally committed toward helping them achieve their goals.

Today, we’re a marketing agency helping small businesses create, refine, and maintain their branding and marketing strategies.

Our Team

Brian Walker Tuesday, June 27, 20170

Brian Walker

CEO & Founder

Kim Walker Tuesday, June 27, 20170

Kim Walker

Director of Client Services

J.R. Portman Tuesday, June 27, 20170

J.R. Portman

COO & Vice President

Danni Marks Tuesday, June 27, 20170

Danni Marks

Digital Advertising Specialist

Tony Romain Tuesday, June 27, 20170

Tony Romain

Art Director

Michelle Travis Tuesday, June 30, 20200

Michelle Travis

Executive Assistant & Webmaster Jedi

Hallie Dauterive Monday, October 12, 20200

Hallie Dauterive

Marketing Strategist

“We believe in having a 'work family' and having an enjoyable work environment that is supportive and fosters growth. Not only is it important for our work environment to be enjoyable, but we believe that it is important to enjoy working with each other and the client.”

- J.R. Portman, COO