Writing Website Content

Written by SuperUser Account on 5/12/2015
Writing Website Content

In one of my previous blog posts, You’re Only As Good As Your Content, I talk about why content from you is important when we're doing your marketing. We know that getting the information straight from the source is always the best thing. However, we’ve had a few people struggle with what exactly needs to go on their new website. Here’s some good guidelines for pages that you will normally have on your website:

Home Page

This is the first thing that people see when they come to your site. You don’t want to scare people off with a wall of text for them to review! I generally recommend one or two paragraphs to summarize what you do and your specialities. Mention your location, and a small list of the services you provide (your most-requested services are a good place to start).

Take a look at Integrated Spine and Disc in Mandeville, and how they handled their Home Page content!


People going to your website will want to learn more about you - or at least they will after they read your Home Page! This is the place to talk about the history of your company, or about your company’s founder and staff. Again, don’t forget to talk about your location, and the areas that you service (if applicable). Here is a good place to mention what you do in a little more detail, and maybe have a more thorough list. Think no more than five paragraphs long.

Check out CARE Inc.’s About Us page for a little inspiration!

Services Page or Pages

Of course, if you provide a service for your customers, you want them to know more details about what you do and how it works. Here’s where you get into the nitty-gritty - but don’t use too many “buzzwords” or field-specific terms so you don’t confuse people. If you’re in a profession where you can show off your work in a Gallery, this is a great place to put it! To avoid the “Wall-O-Text” that makes readers’ eyes glaze over, you can break up your content details and specific services on individual pages.

On American Garage Door’s website, they have their services broken up into Garage Doors (both residential and commercial), Renovations, and Hurricane Shutters. Also, note the Gallery that’s on the Residential Garage Door page, showing off their work!

Contact Page

There may not be a lot of content on this page, but it’s one of the most important pages on your website. This is where customers land when they have decided that they are going to reach out to you. So it is imperative that your content here be correct! Provide any way that clients can reach you - location address, phone and/or fax numbers, email address, and so on. It’s also a great idea to provide hours of operation, so people know when to call or come by. A contact form is a great thing to have on this page, so readers can contact you via email and ask questions. We also put a map of your location on this page so customers know exactly where you are!

The 5 Stones Media contact page not only contains our contact information, it also has our new Google Business Tour so you can check out our office!

I hope this gives you a better idea of what most websites need, and will inspire you to write some great content for your website! Of course, if you’re looking to spruce up more than your content, 5 Stones Media can help you with putting together and creating your brand-new website with a fantastic new design!

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