When Should You Redesign Your Website?

Written by Tony Romain on 7/29/2019


So being in web design, I get asked sometimes, how often should I redesign my website? [inaudible] the matter is there is no firm timetable answer to that question. It could be anywhere from three years to down to three months. You know, the true answer to when should you redesign your website is when it stops working for you. Um, you know, you can actually have a couple of easy questions. Your number one is your website mobile responsive. If it's not, just stop watching this right now and go fix that because that is a must in today's day and age. Um, does your website feel outdated? Does it remind you of geocities cities? You know, do you have a web calendar and spinning just at the bottom and flashing text, you know, then the, it might be time for an update if that's something you've got going on, but some more serious questions, you know, has your business significantly changed since you launched your website?

You know, if you've made some drastic changes to you, the way you conduct business, the business strategy or the services you're offering, then you definitely want to reflect that on your website so that you're not presenting yourself improperly or confusing, you know, any potential customers, you know, have any clients actually expressed unease using your website? You know, um, have they told you that something that is very unclear or difficult to find, hard to interact with, hard to get in touch with you, you know, any of those things, you know, take that feedback and use it to make improvements. Now, this may not require you doing a full redesign, but you know, listen to your customers is, it's never a bad idea. Um, who are those customers, you know, is your website attractive to them? You know, you don't want to exclude the people who are the ones in the decision making process and sitting in that seat.

Um, you don't want to exclude them when it comes to doing business with the, you want to make sure that it's attractive to the people who are, you know, pulling the trigger on the bias for you. You know, um, a really big question is, do you like your website? Are you proud of your website? Are you happy to share it with, you know, colleagues, clients, and customers? Are you happy to share that link out? If not, then you might want to consider, you know, updating that. So if you're answering no to some of these questions, then it might be time for an update. If you're feeling confident. Again, like I said, you know, your website can last for years and years depending on how, you know, technology moves forward. So, you know, there's really no frame answer to that question, but when your website stops working for you, that's when you should redesign it.

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