The Importance of Positive Influences in Design

Written by SuperUser Account on 8/28/2015
The Importance of Positive Influences in Design

As a graphic designer, and as an artist in general, I find that having positive influences in your life provide a major impact and give a lot of strength to your work. Indeed, these influences might vary from person to person, depending on what kind of creative life and personality you have, but I do know that anything and everything could provide fuel for a creative mind. While I was studying in college, I discovered my artistic outlets and what inspired me to create. I found that, many times, the underlying causes for me to create involved my growing relationships with my peers, my work environments, and the music I happened to having playing in the background.

The influence of my peers while working on projects becomes crucial to me, since people and ideas are a driving force in everything I do. It is important to know that people have your back, and are supportive in what you create. It’s also good when you can get constructive feedback from them, and let that help you become more inclined to improve and be open. This has been a challenge for me in a way, since I tend to be relatively shy around others, but it has greatly impacted my work and myself to become a better person and designer. I have also received great love and encouragement from my family to be pushed into the right direction and to grow as a person. That being said, people that are kind, uplifting, and aware of who you are and how you’re growing are great positive influences to have in your life.

I also find that the area that you work in, and where you surround yourself, also takes a toll in how you create. Being more of an introvert, I tend to shy away from social exposure from time to time to clear my mind. This becomes important for me to be in a surrounding where this can happen, because my flow of creativity can be easy to lose sometimes. These environments should be catered to you as well. For example, I have a decorated space at home with many pictures and design stuff that make me content and inspired. For other artists, maybe it’s better to be in a more social setting surrounded by people. Places like coffee shops provide good white noise that can stimulate creativity. It’s just all about finding the place you function best. On the contrary, I’ll also say that getting out of your comfort zone could be a great way to gain more creativity, which is something I’m trying to do more. Exposure to new things and experiences can be very beneficial to a creative and should be explored from time to time.

Finally, I feel really inspired on the daily when I listen to music. It’s always a positive influence for me. I’m the type that listens to literally everything, and every type of music gives me a different view of life. But personally, I tend to lean more toward alternative and electronic music, which has a huge influence in my work style and the types of things I like to design. It’s great to have music as a constant boost of creative energy, and without it, I don’t think I could work in the same way.

I think the more positive influences a person has in their life, the better. Each can drive them to do amazing things and make an impact on the world. So, my advice to everyone is to always make sure be inspired and to always cultivate the positive influences in your life.

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