National Tech Day (Jan. 6 2020)

Written by SuperUser Account on 1/6/2020

The technology we can't live without.

You’ve probably heard the phrase before: “Money makes the world go round.’ That may be true, but the technology tools that marketing agencies choose to use is just as, if not more critical in achieving success. Using the right tools can streamline your processes, decrease stress, increase the quality of your work, and most importantly, keep your clients happy.

Keep reading to hear about the tools that we just can’t get enough of #NationalTechnologyDay.


My favorite technology tool is… SEMrush

SEMrush is specific to SEO and it's what I use for position tracking, keyword research, topic research, website audits, and much more. It's an all-in-one tool. You can even tell that the developers take pride in delivering a product that truly helps us to help our clients!


My favorite technology tools are… Zoom and Canva

Zoom allows me to see my team every day in our daily meeting even though I am a remote worker. It's also very easy to use and has a nice phone app.

Canva allows me to quickly create great-looking visuals. I'm a Photoshop girl, but I often combine the two tools together to make graphics.


My favorite technology tools are… Vidyard and Outreach

Vidyard allows me to easily put video messages in emails to clients which is great because I can just talk out what I’m thinking instead of writing all the time. And also, people just like video!

Outreach is a CRM, but it has lots of cool tools for emails that remind me to circle back to some emails that haven’t been responded to, as well as set up email series. For someone like me that sends a lot of emails, it’s really useful!


My favorite technology tools are… Slack and the G-Suite

Slack is one of my favorites for a few reasons. Given that I’m a communicator. Slack allows me to do that with my team. Using Slack for internal communication keeps us connected and allows us to have fun in the way we communicate with one another. Additionally, since I am in and out of the office regularly, the Slack app helps me to never miss a thing!

I used to be a Microsoft Word lover, so when I was encouraged to switch everything to the G-Suite, I thought I might have a panic attack. The truth is that I’m far more obsessed with the G-Suite! I love having everything in one place and always accessible! We use it to keep files organized, for our calendar, email, document creation and more.

As a marketing agency owner, I honestly don’t think I could exist without these two tools!


My favorite technology tools are… Breeze and Buffer

Breeze is truly an exceptional organizational tool! It’s extremely easy to access and edit projects, complete tasks, and organize historical information for clients. It’s a must-have for teams that have a lot to accomplish individually and collectively.

Buffer is literally a lifesaver for social media managers! This tool makes scheduling posts ahead of time, monitoring analytics on posts, and archiving social media posts painless. It even sends you little reminders for posts that you can’t send directly to profiles, while automatically saving content in your gallery and keypad so that you can load them quickly. Not to mention, I cannot describe the adrenaline rush that I get when I see a calendar of posts that I’ve scheduled for a client an entire month ahead of time.


My favorite technology tools are… Photoshop and Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator together allow me to make really fun and cool graphics for our clients and their websites, weaving together typography, photography, and illustrations.

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