Keeping Your Website Fresh With New Content!

Written by SuperUser Account on 10/16/2014
Keeping Your Website Fresh With New Content!

In my last post, I discussed the first steps to getting your site recognized by Google and other search engines by simply Styling Your SEO.  A lot of people believe that SEO is making these changes and then leaving the site alone.  Not true!  You have a great website design, you started making your basic SEO changes, now it’s time to work on keeping your content fresh!

Having a blog with fresh content is crucial to a good website these days!  Google in particular places a much higher emphasis on returning links with fresher web content for its search queries.  What this means for your website is that you must constantly be adding relevant content.  You can post every week, or every couple of weeks – as long as it’s steady and relevant to the topic of your website.

Don’t ignore that front page, either!  Posting updates and new information on your front page can also influence your search rankings in a positive manner.  Small changes don’t have as much of an impact as large changes in search engine rankings.  An easy way to try this would be to write a paragraph on your front page that you update every couple of weeks.  This can be a brief description about what your company is working on, and it can link back to a longer blog post, too! 

Most importantly – the actual content is what search engines are looking at.  It must be original, it must be relevant to your site, and it most definitely must be what people want to read!  When it comes to content, it’s all about quality first, then quantity.

5 Stones Media can help you with creating a full website for your company, setting up your SEO, and even creating a blog for your site!  Contact us today to learn more about what 5 Stones Media can do for your online presence!

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