It's HOT in Hammond!

Written by Kim Walker on 7/15/2019
It's HOT in Hammond!

Some people hate the heat while others embrace it. For me, (Kim) I much prefer being hot than cold. I know, it’s crazy because the heat here in Hammond, Louisiana can literally take your breath away.

We’re in the dead heat of the summer and two of my favorite events are coming up. When it’s super hot outside, it’s important to find a way to chill out. These two events will help!

The first one is the Greater Hammond Chamber’s Chill’n with the Chamber on August 17th. I love this event first because it is a huge opportunity to support to the chamber. This event raised funds to pay off the building for the chamber and it’s wonderful to be able to own that! But also, it’s a really fun event. There’s always really good cold drinks to help you cool off, lots of great food from local restaurants, wonderful friends and fabulous networking opportunities.

As most people know, I love networking. Meeting new people and seeing old friends is a big strength of mine. :) It really gets my engine going. So, Chillin’ with the Chamber is now a must-attend event for me. Oh, I failed to mention one important little fact. Your ticket of $100 gets you and a friend into the event BUT it is also a raffle ticket for a chance to win $10,000! That’s a real fact, y’all! 

Interested in learning more about Hammond, Louisiana’s Greater Hammond Chamber of Commerce’s Chill’n with the Chamber? Learn more here.

The second popular event in Hammond during the hot month of August is Hot August Night. Please allow me to get this off my chest. Many people call this event “Hot August Nights” but that is incorrect. You see the event is ONE night so it is named “Hot August Night” :) I hope you’ll attend this year!

It’s a HOT event in more ways than one. I love it for many reasons. A few of them are:

  • The people
  • The fun
  • The energy

The Hammond Downtown Development District has held Hot August Night for 23 years now. It’s full of shopping, dining and entertainment. People come from all around to walk the streets of our fun downtown. There’s incredible music that can be heard from all corners of the community.

Artists are displaying their art in various venues, wine stops are everywhere, there’s a beer walk, tastings and more. This event does not disappoint! 

If you need to cool off, hang with friends and experience the great culture, then be sure to add Hot August Night to your calendar.

To find out more about this fun event, visit the DDD’s website here.

It’s HOT in Hammond! That’s a factual statement both literally and figuratively. Learn more about both of these events and enjoy your time in Hammond, LA!

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