I'm Scared Of Video! How Do I Get Started?

Written by SuperUser Account on 7/23/2019


So yesterday I was, I'm a guest speaker on a panel for social media with Goldman Sachs, 10,000 small businesses, which we are an alumni of. And um, while I was there and I was talking to people, the topic of video came up, how do you use video? When do you use video, when it's appropriate tips for that. And um, one of the questions that I got was the same question that I get a lot of times when I'm teaching a class and we talked about video, which is I hate video. How do I get started? So first of all, I applaud you if that's you, because if you hate it and you're still asking the question, how do I get started, then that means you're considering it. So congrats. And um, along those same lines, I want to help you and I want to give you a couple of tips for how to do it. Because certainly when I first started doing video myself, I hated it too. I didn't like the way I looked on camera. I hate my voice. Don't you hate your voice? I think everybody hates their voice. I hear that all the time. But um,

It's okay because everybody hates their voice usually, unless you're one of these special, um, voice, um, people that gets paid to use their voice, that's not me. But anyway, how do you get started? So you're one of these people that you hate video. You don't want to do it, but you know that you're really need to because your customers have questions and you want to answer them. So, um, what I like to tell people is to just first of all, braced yourself, get over yourself, get herself. Everybody hates video. Everybody hates doing video. We all love to listen and watch video. But, um, just calm down, calm down. And then your other thing that you can do kinda tip number two is really just take out your phone.

Turn the video camera on and record yourself. Just do it a couple of times and guess what? You don't have to publish the video. There's a delete button. So just record yourself, check out. Do you say AUMA Lot, which I tend to do. Do you say, uh, are you making funny faces? Which I am very, um, uh, very full of expression. And so I've been told that maybe I need tone that down. Maybe you're using your hands a lot, whatever, figure out what it is that you do and what you don't like that you do so that you can keep recording little videos, getting better, getting more comfortable deleting it. Um, we even have a private group on Facebook for five stones and so sometimes we'll go into our private group and do a Facebook live in there for practice. Just, you know, somebody who's not real comfortable and they want to jump in and just try it out.

That's something else that you can try. So my tips for you to just get started is literally calmed down. Um, record yourself several times. Watch it. Pinpoint what it is that you're not comfortable with. Record yourself. Again, try to get better at that. So practice right age old quote, the practice makes perfect. Just keep trying it. And then also of course, just having like a little guideline for me. I can talk about anything all day long. I can take a 15 minute presentation and turn it into an hour because I tell stories and I just talk and talk and talk. If you don't have the gift of Gab, like then maybe you just create a quick little outline that you can glance over it. I don't have one, but you can just glance over at it, take a quick peak and get yourself back on track. I hope that that helps you just get started.

And the other thing that I like to tell people is that just getting started, right? It's the inertia that something that's remaining, um, you don't know the technical terms, but something that is just sitting still like a ship. It's very hard to get that ship moving, but once you get it moving, it's easy to keep it moving. So the biggest tip that you can leave with is simply do it. Just get started. So I hope that helps you, um, encourage you. If nothing else just kinda lightened it a little bit and um, give you some small tips. People don't think, oh, let me just record it and delete it and get comfortable with it. So, um, I hope that you do that. If you have any questions, definitely shoot me an email. Kim At five stones, media.com if you like this video, would love for you to share it of course. And, um, really, I just hope that it helps you take the notes next step and just get going. Have a great tape.

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