How To Know When It's Time To Get Help With Your Marketing

Written by J.R. Portman on 7/26/2019


All right. So this is the second part of a video I was doing about why people come to us. Um, and some of the common complaints we hear, the last one I talked about what a year for websites, the same company said, this is what's wrong with that website and here's what's wrong with our marketing. Um, so again, these are some of the common complaints that these people have and I hear these things all the time. Number one, I have no time for this. I've not our businesses Gruen. Um, or you know, I'm way too busy to do this as is probably the number one complaint. No time, no it needs to be done, but I don't have the time to do it. Number two, I have no idea what I should be doing. Like I think social media is important and I know there's, you can do something on Google where you can advertise like, should I be doing SEO?

I, all of the things kind of mismatched together. There's a lot of jargon and things out there in the marketing world. What's my plan? I don't have one. So number three, no consistency. All right. I do it every once in a while. Um, but you know, I have it posted on Facebook in three weeks and I just know that's bad. I used to do email marketing and now I don't do email marketing at all. So just the straight up consistency, those are probably the top three right there. Time, no plan and no consistency are the the things that you know will lead someone to, to contact a marketing agency. Um, number four for these guys, like I was just mentioning, no email marketing, that's kind of one of those things that's a real, a real big one to do consistently. There's certain, we have five, some specialize in foundational marketing, the things that you should, everybody should be doing if you do them consistently.

Really lead to brand maintenance and brand growth. Um, so these guys weren't doing email marketing at all, had a huge list of, of email lists. So if that sounds like you, it's probably something you should be doing. Um, cross channel integration. While I was saying before about knowing that there's a lot of avenues to do marketing but not really understood. You just doing one thing and not the rest. And that's a, that's a large missed opportunity because oftentimes, especially nowadays, there's a lot of different ways to market. You can, you can produce one video say and it spit it out across a lot of different things. One blog topic, well that can go an email and social on the website. So having, uh, an approach, if, if you don't know how to mix all those things together, it's probably time to get some marketing help.

Um, not using digital advertising at all. That's a very common one. You know, that you can do, I see stuff on Facebook, it's weird, right? Like I'm looking at one thing and then I see an ad for it and they're spying on me. All of that kind of stuff. Well, digital advertising is a very powerful, um, way to access new clients. And there's Google and Facebook, the two big platforms. If you've never utilized any of those or don't know anything about them, you're probably missing out on a large missed opportunity. A social proof. I mentioned this on the website video as well, utilizing um, marketing aspects to, to show rather than tell to so everybody has a value proposition. Every business you're like, I can do this thing and it can do it well. I want people to know about it and I'm telling them, I am telling you, I'm telling you, well, people don't really listen to him.

People are used to being sold to and there's a filter there, right? If marketing is not utilizing social proof as in clients talking about you with testimonials, um, customer reviews, again, that's, that's a missed opportunity. Um, and then, uh, if all of these marketing opportunities, if your goal is to get new clients or to maintain your current brand status and keep your current clients happy, that's pretty much the goal. If you don't feel like your marketing is doing that, if all of these different tactics and it's not consistent, well then that's again, another reason that, that you would reach out to a marketing agency like us. So these are all their complaints that these people knew about themselves and some that I helped them realize, um, that brought them to me. So those are some common marketing complaints. If this sounds like you, let us know.

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