How To Know When It's Time For A Website

Written by J.R. Portman on 7/26/2019


Okay. So in these two videos, I want to talk about, um, a meeting I had yesterday with their client. That's just the perfect example of the people we like to work with and the problems that they came to us with. What I think is very typical for people and when you know yourself, if you, it's time to engage a marketing agency to help. So let's talk first about website. Um, these guys called me and said, look, we don't know how to explain this, but there's some things wrong with our website. Um, you know, and, and the, the things in our conversation, they start in the same to me are the, the things I hear over and over and over again. That's like just really perfect about when it's time to get a new website. Number one, they had a website, but the designed it, um, more than four years ago, five years ago.

Um, we have another, that's another topic of what the average lifespan of a website, but it was older. Um, at the time they did it. They were, they were happy with it, but now they look at it and it feels very generic. The design is just like, just looks like everybody else's. So, um, number one complaint, generic design of a website. Number two is their stock photography all over the site. Um, there's nothing personal about it. It's like random guy here and m guy there and there's a certain feel that by stock photography, I mean photos you purchase online, there's a lot of different resources, whatever, but it's not you're on staff. It's not you, it's just someone that kind of captures your business. They're fine, but they're not personal. I'm number three, they didn't have any testimonials or social proof on their site. Um, there's nothing, I mean they're, they're service based industry and really for any business, having social proof, you can say what you want to, but if you don't have it on the site where somewhere you've got that validation, um, that from customers and whoever you've helped, they had none of that on there.

It's really important to their business. Totally missing a number for the, the text, the, the end of design age. And they did it way back in the day. Just kind of put a bunch of stuff on there. It's clearly for SEO, search engine optimization, just where it's on there to try and get Google and search engines to notice some very bad for user experience. You look at this thing, it's like, is this a real website? And it just doesn't feel personal at all. So they didn't like that at all. Um, lacks authority. They just felt like they look like everybody else. They don't, they want to be a leader in their industry. We all do. Right. And they feel like their company has grown to the point where like they are a leader and they're just sharing, they're on their way with the website should reflect that too.

And there was nothing in that just felt like we're just another guy. Um, lacks detail their pages. You know, oftentimes when you build a website or you have someone do it for you, just we'll, we'll fill that in later. We'll do that later and you never get around to it. So, um, they had pages about their services that just had a line of text or two. Again, that stopped photography, no detail at all. And just really not providing any value to the person visiting the site. I'm not saying you have to write books and books on this particular service, but it wasn't, and if people were coming to the site, it wasn't answering their questions at all. So lack detail on there's different services and about them and all that kinda stuff. Um, minimal SEO there was, I could just tell that we could run some tests.

There was nothing on this side. There was no presence of a blog, nothing that's over time helping this site grow to be a, um, uh, to, to show up more on search engines. And that was, you know, there was, there was some aspects missing from the site that would allow it to, to grow, like the presence of a blog as room point. Um, and then another thing that came up in our meeting was, um, that they didn't have a section for their staff at all. They, they really wanted to, you know, showcase their people, their business that really focused on the individuals. And that wasn't present at all. So a lot of opportunities, a lot of things missing. Some of them in the way it was built for them. But just being dated, um, it was mobile responsive. That's something that comes up people besides really old and it doesn't, is it mobile?

That's a huge no, no, you almost have no choice but some of these softer things where it's like more of a feeling or whatever or the kinds of things that lead people to us, um, to say I think I needed a new website and I'm hesitant to tell people they needed a website unless they really do. When you start stacking these things, if, if maybe one or two, you know, you can, you might be able to fix this site you have, but if you start stacking all the things together, then it might be time for a new website. So if any of these things sound familiar to you, um, you know, it's probably time to, to think about redesigning and especially if your, the thing about becoming an authority and providing value to people visiting your site, that's a real good reason to update your site. That's it are some common complaints we hear about needing a new website.

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