Great Cooks Write Cookbooks

Written by SuperUser Account on 8/18/2019


So I was just emailing with someone and we are working on an assessment of the way that someone's doing their social media and what opportunities we saw that they may have in building a better following and actually gain from what they're doing on social media. And this is a health and beauty spa. And one of the things that our social media manager, Larshell pointed out was that they're not teaching people how to do things. She's big into that space and she follows a lot of pages that are the most successful pages and they all do tutorials on how to do makeup and all of these different things. I just sent that email, so this person has not come back to me and said anything yet.

But a lot of times when we tell people to teach how to do things, for example, we're big in the automotive space. We work a lot with auto repair shops and we will recommend that you create a video teaching people how to do certain things. And it could be as simple as teaching them how to change their oil or it could be something about like how to diagnose a rattle or a squeak. And we will often hear from the person that we're telling to do this "why would I do that? I want them to come to my shop and have this repair done. I don't want to teach them how to do it." And there's a great saying that goes along with this and that's saying is that "great cooks write cookbooks".

Now, if you think about it, here in South Louisiana, everybody here knows Emeril Lagasse. Well, Emeril has been on TV for years showing people how to do what he does, but how many people that watch his show or watch him on social media or even close to as good as he is at what he does? Now, he teaches us how to do what he does, but we do not become as good as him at what he does. We just don't. But what does happen is we see how effortlessly he does the things that he does when Emeril cooks. It's just, I mean, "Bam" is, is the perfect expression because he just makes it look effortless. And if anything, it makes us want even more to go have food that he has prepared or that his highly trained chefs have prepared in the way that he would want it done.

Because we see how good he is at his craft, we want to experience that and we will go spend the money and have the dinner that Emeril or one of his team prepared. So when you're looking at how to promote your business, always think about "how can I teach people to do what it is that I'm doing?" and don't be afraid that they are now going to go do it themselves. And it's going to cost you business because the people that are going to do it themselves, they're going to find someone who's taught it. You're probably not going to go teach somebody how to do something that hasn't been taught on YouTube already or somewhere else. But by doing this, you get to build up your own audience. You get to show your own expertise, and people will naturally gravitate towards you and want you to do the work that they need done because they know that you are very good at it, that you are hopefully the best at it. So great cooks write cookbooks. Remember that.

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