Google Algorithm Updates And Rankings Fluctuations

Written by SuperUser Account on 7/23/2019


So my wife Kim was speaking at the 10,000 small businesses, uh, yesterday actually, and she was talking to one of the participants in the program there and the question came up about search engine optimization. Uh, this person has been working with their SEO Company for, uh, for quite a while now and has been seeing some, some really good results from it. And over the last couple of months, everything just kind of stopped working. She went from getting a positive ROI to actually having a negative ROI on her search engine optimization. And the, the company that she was working with, they just, they really weren't communicating with her. They weren't, uh, they weren't telling her what was going on or anything. She just knew that she used to get all of this traffic to her website and all of a sudden she's not getting that traffic anymore. That's turning into business.

And the reason for this, I mean, I know the reason for this, if you've got someone who's been having good results for months now and then all of a sudden they're not having results. And that just happened. You know, starting a month and a half, two months ago. Well, that's not a fault of this company and the work that they are or are not doing, we're at, or this is because of the Google Algorithm change. Now Google Algorithm change. Uh, the changes happen every day. They have, you know, just little small things that they, that they'll change to their algorithm everyday. But every once in awhile they will do what they call a core update and the core update or larger updates. And when they do these core updates, it absolutely affects people's search rankings. I've seen, um, you know, some, some rankings kind of swing up and down very quickly.

You know, you'll have someone that's ranking near the top of page one. Um, and then for a day they'll drop down to page two, but then they're right back up. Um, or, um, you know, I've heard a lot in some of the groups that I'm in because I do search engine optimization. I mean in groups with a bunch of other SEOs and many of them have been talking about how they were hit hard by this update or clients were hit harder or whatever and they, you know, dropped from page one rankings to they're no longer in the top 10 pages and that that's a bit extreme but it absolutely happens and it really kind of depends on the type of search engine optimization they're doing or the type of tactics that they're using with, uh, with their search engine optimization. So Google does tell people when they are doing these big updates, they don't tell you what they're doing.

They might give you some kind of a little clue as to, you know, maybe what, what they're doing or the idea behind what they're doing. But they don't really tell you what the algorithm update is. But when they have a core update, it is a big update and you can pretty much count on it that it will affect your rankings. Now it is our job as a SEO company to let our clients know when something like this is happening. However, I only tend to let my clients know about this stuff when it starts affecting them. And the type of search engine optimization that we do rarely gets affected by this because we, we don't go for that super fast. Try to trick Google to get someone to page one real quick because those are the types of things that tend to get affected the most when Google has a core update.

Now in some cases, if you're in a really competitive industry, well you have to do that kind of stuff and you know, if that's what you have to do, then that's what you have to do. It's not that I'm faulting people for doing that, it's just that we work with a lot of types of businesses that it's not super competitive. You know, when you start getting into stuff like real estate or attorneys or whatever, you're going to have to do some, some advanced level things to, uh, to get people to rank high. And when you're doing that kind of stuff, it's going to get harder by the core updates when, when you're doing, uh, the, the basics of search engine optimization, which the ultimately the, the true basics of search engine optimization is to try to build the absolute best quality content that you can on a website.

You want to make your website better than everyone else's website who has covered that, that topic. And especially when you're working with regional type businesses where I don't have to rank nationwide for a term, oh, we have to work in my rank, in my city for a term or in, in a, uh, you know, a small region for a term. Well, you're able to do that through truly going in and building the best website on the topic that is in the geographical area that you're, that you're trying to do business. So it, but again, Google does make announcements that are, they're doing these core updates. Um, I don't like receive an email from Google or anything like that, but the, the people that are the true thought leaders and the big industry players like search engine journal, um, our Mohs, they are the ones that tend to do the most dissemination of this type of information when, when it does happen.

And because I follow them and because I'm in the groups, um, with other SEOs, when there is a core update that as these are coming our, it has happened, I'll know about it because I see the ramblings about it in the, in the group. So, you know, the thing is is when, when you do start seeing your website, um, the, the rankings changing drastically and quickly, well, I don't want to say it's nothing to get alarmed over because it is something to be alarmed about. But in most cases, if you give it a little bit of time, things are going to settle down. Um, in the case of this person that Kim was talking to yesterday, their SEO company absolutely should have spoken to her and let her know what is happening and why it's happening. And they didn't, it's their own darn fault for getting fired over this.

Um, but um, you know, when, when these, when these things do happen, there's not a whole lot that we can do about it. Sometimes we just have to give it some time so that we can see are at least guess what does the algorithm change that they made and what is it that I have to do different to make this website rank, you know, the the best that it possibly can. Background 2014 when we were dealing with the panda update and the Penguin update and when they give these updates, names like that, they're big updates. But when we were dealing with that, oh my gosh, it was horrible. You know, websites that were ranking on page one, they tanked for months and months and months. And it's really because the old way of doing search engine optimization and the new way of doing search engine optimization or two completely different things ever since panda and Penguin SEO has changed.

And there were a lot of people that had websites that were doing really well that, um, that they got, they got hit really hard, this core update in June. It's nothing like that. Um, there are a lot of websites that have seen some pretty drastic drops. They will come back, uh, you know, so anyway, uh, just a, a little bit of information about how Google updates work and if you get hit by one, then, um, you know, it's time to learn from that and maybe do search engine optimization a little bit different. Uh, or it might just be a case of sitting back and being patient, which is hard to do and wait for your rankings to come back. So I hope that helped.

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