Case Study: UMS Water's Hiring Campaign

Written by SuperUser Account on 10/15/2018

5 Stones has partnered on several projects with Utility Metering Solutions (UMS) Water in the past so when they approached us for a hiring campaign, our team was up for the task. UMS is experiencing growth and, with that growth, the challenge of needing to hire installers and Project Managers across the United States. To ensure we got the hiring campaign in front of the right people, we turned to Facebook Advertising. Our team put together a campaign that spoke directly to the audience that UMS is looking to hire, and to do that we surveyed UMS’ current employees. With the data they provided, we got to work.



In order to properly track applicants and retarget people, we developed a landing page that all of the Facebook ads link to. This page looks, feels, and functions just as UMS Water’s current website except being designed with strategic message, specific calls to action, no navigation or distractions. By placing a special tracking pixel on the landing page, we were able to show these people a second ad to stay top of mind, also known as "retargeting."

The main creative for these ads were two video testimonials from actual UMS’ current employees. In order for us to get these testimonials, our video team would have to fly out to Bradenton, Florida, shoot the testimonials and supporting action in the field, and then edit the footage in short order. Because UMS was on a tight deadline to get the ads running ASAP, we put together two short-form videos with existing footage so the campaign was live even before we produced the new testimonial videos.

The 5 Stones video crew headed out to Bradenton, Florida to meet with Nick and Glenn, the UMS employees featured in the hiring videos. We started the day by capturing the safety meeting and then went to a nearby neighborhood to capture UMS at work! After documenting the installers on location, we filmed the two interviews. The UMS team worked with the City of Bradenton to arrange a conference room where the interviews were filmed. By the end of the day, we had all the footage we needed to put together two awesome videos to use for the Facebook Ads.

At the time of writing this, the ads with the updated videos have been running for 5 days, and received 7,506 views and 252 clicks to the landing page! Check out the final videos below and let us know what you think!



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