Case Study: Compass Career College's Mannequin Challenges

Written by SuperUser Account on 10/2/2017


Social media trends are like lighting: they strike, and then they’re gone, making them somewhat difficult to exploit. In late November, the 5 Stones team noticed a trend as it was gaining traction—the now ubiquitous mannequin challenge—and was able to quickly produce a series of videos centered around each of Compass’ four programs of study.


2.5k Minutes Viewed
Views: 8.7k
Reactions: 222


650 Minutes Viewed
Views: 1.4k
Reactions: 162


5k Minutes Viewed
Views: 10.8k
Reactions: 424

Allied Health

1.7k Minutes Viewed
Views: 2.6k
Reactions: 292


9,900 minutes / 165 hours / 7 days
1,100 Reactions


The Compass Mannequin Challenge video series resulted in over 24k total views and 1,100 reactions (likes, comments, and shares) spread over four Facebook Posts. Facebook Fans watched a combined total of 165 hours (or 7 days) worth of video content. The Cosmetology and Allied Health videos contributed the most organic views, reaching a combined 6.4k viewers. Both the Cosmetology and LPN videos were boosted for $50 each, adding 7k and 6.9k views respectively for a combined 13.9k views.

The school’s timely participation helped legitimize Compass’ social presence as both relevant and creative, resulting in student and community engagement they hadn’t seen prior.

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