Beep, Boop! Let's Chat! | 5 Stones Academy LIVE

Written by SuperUser Account on 7/14/2017
Beep, Boop! Let's Chat! | 5 Stones Academy LIVE

Rachael: Hi I'm Rachael and I'm a marketing specialist here at 5 Stones.

Mark: And I'm Mark and I'm our content specialist.

Rachael: We're going to be doing something a little bit differently today. This is Mark and I's first 5 Stones Academy class, and we're going to be talking all about a brand new tool that could potentially change the way your customers engage with you on Facebook. It's all about Facebook bots.

Mark: Facebook bots are the newest way to automate your marketing and you don't even have to ask customers to leave when they already are, Facebook.

Rachael: Alright so we this could be very important for your business, and we're going to show you exactly how to implement that today. Let's go ahead and get started.

Mark: So Facebook is putting a huge emphasis on your businesses page inbox. So there are so many opportunities for you to encourage your customers to send your Page message. You can actually set "send message" as your main call-to-action on your page. You can create a post that ask people to send a message or you can actually create an ad asking people to send a message to your page. So there's so many opportunities for those customers to start a conversation with your business.

Rachael: Exactly. So you've got people messaging you.

Rachael: But now what do you do instead of having to monitor your inbox for countless hours every day or maybe even creating custom responses for each question that comes in. This Facebook Bot is going to allow you to automate the conversation to where your customers is going to make a natural conversation for them and they're going to be able to find what they're looking for immediately. It's going to create a unique experience for them. And it's not just your average auto responder.

Mark: And that's exactly right. It's not your average autoresponder. So when people get a message on Facebook they're going to read it. I know that I check everything that comes to my inbox. And actually Facebook's open rate is over 60 percent which is phenomenal. So if you're putting your content out through messenger it's going to get noticed.

Mark: Exactly. Facebook also has a huge audience and you can even use their ad targeting to get people who you think might be interested in your business to start a conversation with your Page. Honestly that's the whole point is you're starting a conversation. So normally that would be the hardest part, and Facebook is giving you the tools to make it very easy. It's a really natural and organic way to get people to start talking about your Page.

Rachael: Right! So, let's chat. The possibilities with how you can use this bot for your business are endless. We've actually created a sample bot today for a customer service purpose, and we're going to show you exactly how to implement it for your business and show you just how easy it is. So the first that we're going to talk about is we're going to go to our sample page that we have set up here. And for every Facebook Business Page you will have these responsive rate section. It's going to tell your customers that are messaging you how how often you respond to them and how long they're going to have to wait on a message. So let's say you had a response rate that was maybe six hours. How are you going to respond to that?

Mark: I'm probably not sending your Page a message honestly.

Rachael: Exactly. Nobody wants to wait around that response so this bot is going to come into play. And it's actually going to make your response rate 100 percent and it's going to say very responsive on your Page. Which is going to make your customers want to start the conversation with you. So we're going to show you how to bot exactly works. And the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to.

Rachael: Click on the send message call to action.

Mark: I've actually got my phone right here so I'm actually going to be engaging with the bot and Rachael to explain what's going on.

Rachael: So this is what your customers will see the first time they message your Page. They're going to click get started to start the conversation. I'm going to click it started but I'll switch over to just so it's a bigger screen for everybody to see. This is a welcome message for the first time they ever message your page. This is what a customer would see and were actually able to customize this with their name. So this one can say, "Hello Mark, welcome to 5 Stones Academy. "

Mark: So naturally I'm engaging with this bot because I have a question. So, I have a question. I'm going to type that and send that in.

Rachael: Right. So we have a default response set up to where anytime somebody messages your Page anything, this will always pop up. We've created three categories which we think their question could possibly be about. We have our July classes, our frequently asked questions, and a link to see our full schedule. So Mark gets the choice to pick any three of them.

Mark: So it says, here you can find all information about our classes. Please tell us how we can help you today. I'm interested in the classes that are coming up next. So I'm going to click on July classes and see what that's about.

Rachael: This is going to show you just how fun this can be because we're able to implement a video directly into the bot, so your customers could watch this video right there and then you even ask them if they have any additional questions and it will bring up the same exact menu.

Mark: So now I know a little bit about the classes is coming up in July. I still have additional questions. So the frequently asked questions section. It says what else can we help people today. I'm going to go in and type on FAQ. I'm wondering if these classes have a price associated with them.

Rachael: Right. So this is another menu that we put within the frequently asked questions and we have got pricing location at register. So Mark can go ahead and click pricing.

Mark: Exactly what I'm looking for. So it says, a good question Mark.

Mark: All of our classes are offered for free.

Rachael: Just like the video you're able to implement other fun elements. We have an animated gif right here and we can even do emoji and just regular still images as well.

Mark: So I'm actually not done I still have another question. Now that I know that class is free, I want to see if there's if to register ahead of time. So I'm going to go back to the FAQ. Don't worry we'll get all the questions answered and hit "register".

Rachael: Alright and it'll just take a second to load and this is right where we will have all of our upcoming classes listed that we think Mark might be interested in and it will have a list of them below and I'll actually scroll down here just so we can see it. This is where it's so visually pleasing to your client. It will give them three of the most upcoming classes. It'll show where and when they are.

Rachael: And he can just click register right within the bot and it will take him right to get registered for the class.

Mark: So I can see everything on the right here I can see the upcoming classes, I can register, but let's say that some things are the question that's not covered in the FAQ or any of the menus. What do I do now?

Rachael: Okay. That's a very good question. So we've actually set up this bot where if you typed the words "yes" you will be connected to a live person of the person that runs the Facebook Page. So if this was your Facebook Page you would get a notification that Mark needs to talk to a live person needs an answer immediately. So go ahead and type "yes".

Mark: I've typed "yes".

Rachael: All right. And I'll just take a second to load and it says that he's going to be connected to a live person immediately and that's when you will get the notification. You can answer any of the questions that he may have. And you as the business admin and him as the customer would both have the option to in the chat when they're ready.

Mark: So all my questions are answered I'm ready to go to the class and I'm going to go ahead and end the chat.

Rachael: All right. So that was the end of the bot.

Rachael: Now for a final feature of the bot and possibly one of the most important, we're going to talk about the menu. The menu is going to be located right at the very left hand side of the "type a message" bar, these three horizontal bars right here. I'm going to click on it to pull it up.

Rachael: And this is where you're going to put all of your most important calls-to-action and your bot. So no matter where Mark could have been within the bot or when he could have clicked on it. This will always be there.

Rachael: This is where you can put things like call or your location. Maybe a website or even hours that you'd be open. So if they wanted to visit the website per se you could just click on it and it would take them right to that page. As you can see with this bot it's going to save time for both you and your customers because you're actually going to have time to be able to run your business and your customers are going to be waiting around for responses from you.

Mark: It doesn't matter what type of business you have or what type of bot you want to create.

Mark: You could do a customer service bot like we showed you today, or you can run a contest. Really you can be as creative as you want. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

Rachael: Exactly. So no matter what you want to do, It's all possible with these bots. That's actually going to be it for this class today but trust us there's so much more what these bots can offer. We're kind of just scratching the surface on it for today's class. So if you like this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and make sure to keep an eye out for the next because there's lots more to come. So if you have any questions or maybe even you want your own bot leave a comment below or visit our website and we'll make sure to get in touch. Thank you.

Mark: Bye!

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