A Timeline of Social Commerce

Written by SuperUser Account on 2/6/2018
A Timeline of Social Commerce

When marketing, it's good to know a bit of history. Where you came from is important to where you are going.

This is interesting, because I was recently reached out to via email to ask I would be willing to share this infographic. I often take a look at, but ignore emails like this. The reason people ask for infographics to be shared is because they want the link back to their website. It is a great way to do white-hat SEO, but most produce junk content and want something in return for nothing. In this case I saw that the infographic was well thought out, nicely designed, and would provide value to my readers, so here it is!

Here are a few stats that I pulled from the infographic. There are many here, so you'll have to read through it yourself, but here are a few that stood out to me.

  • Instagram has the highest social commerce average order value at $65
  • 35 - 44 year olds represent the largest demographic of social shoppers by far at 37%
  • Facebook (not surprisingly) has the largest marketshare of social commerce with over 38%

Take afew minutes to read through this one. It's very interesting.

The source for this infographic is: https://www.16best.net/blog/social-networks-and-their-importance-in-ecommerce-gateways/

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