5 Types of Videos for Your Business | 5 Stones Academy LIVE

Written by SuperUser Account on 8/24/2017
5 Types of Videos for Your Business | 5 Stones Academy LIVE


What's up guys. Welcome to 5 Stones Academy Facebook Live. My name is Dylan and I'm a photographer/videographer here at 5 Stones. Today I'll talk to you about video. We do a lot of video here and we find ourselves doing 5 main types of videos. Before we get into it, I want to start off with some statistics about video, because everyone loves statistics.

So 55% of people watch videos online every single day. I find that true for myself and everybody in the office. If I'm not watching YouTube I'm listening to it in the background and it's just very important. 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. Video is so important that you can use the word video in your email subject line and increase open rates by 19%. Now don't go throwing that in there and not have a video. That's how you make angry. But if you have videos that you can share your email try doing that and see what happens. And four out of five consumers believe that demo videos and how-to videos are helpful. So we'll talk about how you can use stuff like that in your business.

So, the five types of videos that we're going to talk about today are promotional videos, testimonial videos, company culture videos, educational videos, and live social broadcasts like the one we have right now. So let's hop right into promotional videos. These are pretty great, and we do these very regularly here 5 Stones. They're great to announce a new product, a new menu item for restaurants, or even a new staff member. You can promote all your services that you've got coming up or some events. For example we we worked with Benny's and we focused on promoting their oil change service. We did a television commercial promoting that they do oil changes and it just went really well. The client and their audience liked it!

As far as length, we recommend staying between the 1 and 3 minute mark depending upon its application. Now you know if you shoot a TV commercial that's got a 30 second spot. Obviously it needs to be 30 seconds long. If you are making something you know for Facebook or YouTube you got a little bit of leeway, but don't get too long because people do not have time to watch your promotional videos all day every day. They just don't.

Another type of video is a testimonial video. Testimonial videos are awesome, and we do those a lot here as well. It's pretty much a review but on video. They're a great way to capture happy customers and get them on camera and your audience gets a sense of how it is to work with you. These types of videos are great and they can really shift people's opinion on your business so if you have someone on the edge that is thinking about working with you or another business then a testimony or video might just push them towards your direction. It gives them the opportunity to hear from people just like them and how you helped all your other customers. It also gives potential customers a great look into what it would be like working with you. Are you easy to work with? Are you helpful? Do you offer suggestions? Do you listen?

We do a lot of these for ourselves. One of my favorite ones that we did was for Compass Career College. We did a journey to success. We took a student's story and basically told it.

We told how the student started before they went to Compass and that journey and how Compass really did change the trajectory of their life and it did very well. The client was extremely pleased. And it's one of my favorite videos. We also did one for ourselves here recently that was just 30 seconds long. So like these things don't have to be a huge production. It could be short little clips but be sure that they're very intentional and real. You want to get people on camera that mean what they're saying. You know if you have someone on camera that’s bland and not believable it’s not helpful for you. So you get your raving fans and get them on camera and talk about how great you are. Make sure to have them tell why they chose to work with you and why they recommend other people work with you as well. You can do it from 30 seconds to a minute and half just kind of feel it out and see what's best for you and your company.

Next we're going to talk about company culture videos. We love these. I specifically like them because they are not that hard to shoot. They’re low stress and they're fun. We did one for Christmas 2017 where we all sang and acted ridiculous, and it did very very well on social. Company culture videos are great for social engagement. It gives people a chance to see who you really are as a company and how great your team is. You know they're great but show your clients that they are great.

These videos can be 15 seconds or they could be as long as two minutes. It depends on what you do. Like I said we did a song that was like three minutes and it was fun and engaging and people liked it. But if you do a company culture video that's 7 minutes 10 minutes, no one really wants to see that. So consider breaking some stuff like that up. Sometimes shorter is better. A lot of people don't have the attention span and you're competing with so many different videos and articles for your audience's attention. So if they're gonna stop and watch your video you need to make it worth it. Try to keep them short and an entertaining.

Now we're going to talk about our educational videos. Educational videos are a great way to offer your clients instant value both to your clients and potential clients. We teach a lot of classes here at 5 Stones. Kim is out in the community regularly teaching classes so if she's not here that's where she's at, she kills it, and people love it. People tell us all the time how they like our classes and some of these people become clients. So like you know they might come to a class and think yeah I can learn how to do this. And then when they get to class they think oh wow it's much more difficult than I anticipated. Then they give us a call like hey I need you to do Facebook and social media for me or whatever. People just really appreciate you for offering your knowledge and expertise and it does benefit you. You know it keeps you top of mind when it comes to things like that. And it proves that you're a professional in the industry. It also gives you a great way to ramp up your content output. We do videos like this. This is what we consider an educational video. Because I'm teaching you something hopefully you learn something. We do these every week, every Thursday at around 11 o'clock. So it's a great way for us to just push out content continuously every week. Just think about that and think about what you can offer to your clients. And as far as time, you know it really depends on subject matter and things like that but we like to stay around seven minutes you know seven to 10 minutes. It depends on what you're trying to do. If you're trying to teach someone how to apply a sticker that does not mean to be a seven minute video. But if you talk to somebody about video like I'm doing right now you've got some leeway and talk about it. Don't be too long winded because people are going to check out real quick.

The last thing we're going to talk about is social broadcast. These these are becoming more and more popular. Like said we do one every single week and they can be used for a bunch of different things. We here at 5 Stones use them specifically for educational videos. Like I said we do these every Thursday, so if we're offering our fans something to learn every week. They're also great to encourage people to stop what they're doing and engage. You can schedule Lives on Facebook and you can send your fans a reminder and say hey at 11 o'clock be sure to tune in because this is what's going down. It encourages them to do that. Also since you are live be cognizant of people's time. They don't have time to sit down and watch you all day. So keep it short but say what you had to say.

They're also good for promotional videos but you have to be very careful with that. Because like I said it's live. You can't just you know command Z that, and it could be done. It's live. So think about that. One of my favorite lives that we've done was what i'd consider a promotional videos for the Disposable Heroes Project, and they were raffling off an AR15. So what we did was we got Brad in here talking all about. We got him live and he was picking some poker chips.

It was really really fun. People were commenting and Brad did a really great job. That day I think we raised $1500 or $2000 for the DHP which is pretty rad. You can do all of these videos as live but like I said you want to be very careful with what's live because there's no going back. That's all I got. But we have a youtube playlist that we put together for you guys so you can see how we've done some videos. Like I said the fact that we've done. And a little sheet that tells you all about this basically sums up my PowerPoint and things of that nature. I go into a little bit more detail but you can get that. I think it's going to be a link in the comments below. So check those out and let us if you have any questions and reach out and we have it help so. Peace.

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