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Make a Big Splash with 5 Stones Media.

Okay, there’s like a bazillion web design and development agencies that have emerged within the last decade. We’re one of them. Yet, if you’re a business owner who is searching for just one marketing company that stands apart from the bazillions, then Welcome to 5 Stones Media!

We have a portfolio mindset with every single project we undertake. 5 Stones Media creates stunning, brilliant and functional websites that hook your target audience. We do this first by understanding your demographics, listening to your goals and objectives, implementing the best tools and resources needed to enhance your web development, and by putting you on the online map using clever SEO strategies. We strive to make your website “award worthy” and a proud member of our portfolio.

Most importantly, we design stunning websites instead of simplistic “DIY Wonders”. Each website we put forth is graphically and visually customized; with colors to enhance your brand and give your customers goose bumps. This is on top of the great value and exceptional customer service we dish out.

Your Site. Your Way.

Tired of calling your web company every time you want to make changes? We make your site functional for you and easy to navigate for your customers. Then we show you how to take the ball and roll with it. Hassle free as can be!

Socially Savvy

One of our strengths is in online social media management. You’re busy and may lack the time to keep up with numerous tweets, posts, blogs, pins, links and maintaining the plethora of social marketing opportunities. Let us do it for you and free up more time.

Rapid to Reasonable

Our collaborative process ensures timely delivery of your website. We can turnaround your project in as few as 60 days or faster, if you’re in a rush. Just let us know and we’ll push to exceed your expectations without skimping on quality.

About Us //

The name 5 Stones Media comes from the Biblical account, written in 1 Samuel, in which David chose five smooth stones as he prepared to defeat the giant, Goliath. Such courageous determination not only represents the 5 Stones Media bold attitude for business, but it also celebrates the potential for success God has placed inside of each of us.