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Passion, creativity, and a vision for the future.
“At the crux of 5 Stones Media is a team mentality. Every project we take on gets the full 5 Stones treatment. Tapping into our resources in web design, branding graphics and more, we combine our skills and passions in order to craft the perfect message or campaign for our clients.”

5 Stones Media

Marketing your company means more than building a website or posting updates on social media platforms. 21st century marketing requires an all-encompassing strategy that reaches your audience through a number of different channels, through a variety of mediums. A captivating logo, well-written articles, informative videos - these are all small pieces of an entire puzzle - your marketing strategy.

5 Stones Media is committed to offering its clients a complete solution to their entire marketing strategy. Here’s how:

From Our Roots...

When we first opened up shop, in 2011, we focused mainly on website design - but we quickly realized websites aren’t standalone services. They are an integral part of how you get your message out there, but they don’t do that job alone. Social Media, SEO, branding, e-mail marketing - these are all opportunities for companies to connect with audiences and grow their reach.

Realizing we could offer our clients a more complete solution, we began to grow our team beyond web design specialists. Committed to the importance of both educational training, and hands-on experience, we began to expand the 5 Stones Media team, so that our clients could rely on us as long-term partners equally committed toward helping them achieve their goals.

Today, we’re a full-service agency helping companies create, refine, and maintain their branding and marketing strategies.

Sharing knowledge and community involvement

Here at 5 Stones, we love our town. Located in Hammond, LA, we embrace our relationship with Southeastern Louisiana University (Lion Up!) and look for ways to support the community as best as we can. We hire many SLU students to add to our team, and, because of our close relationship with the college, we have a steady stream of interns joining us each year. As much as our interns learn from us, we learn from them as well. They come to the office each day with a level of passion and innovation that’s contagious.

In the end, that means great things for our clients.

We also believe in giving back. Each and every one of us has been blessed with a level of education and hands-on training to help us excel in our field, and we’re excited to pay it forward to our community. We offer complementary seminars and classes throughout the area to help students of all ages hone their craft and learn a few new tricks.

What’s In a Name?

Still wondering what our name’s all about? 5 Stones comes from the Biblical account, written in 1 Samuel, in which David chose five smooth stones as he prepared to defeat the giant, Goliath. Such courageous determination not only represents 5 Stone Media’s bold attitude for business, but also celebrates the potential for success God has placed inside each of us.

Our Culture

There is no task too large for us to handle. Our team approach gives us the power to overcome any obstacle with creativity and precision.

Our Philosophy

We’re big on foundation. With everything we do, the basics need to be rock solid before we move on, so you never have to worry about anything ever crashing down.

Our Style

We encourage collaboration and contribution from our team members, because we realize the more minds involved in a problem, the more likely a winning solution will be discovered.

team members

111 W. Charles St., Hammond, LA, 70401
Phone: 985.662.8419
Email: info@5stonesmedia.com
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