Email Marketing

Because no one deserves to be treated like spam.

With mobile web surfing continuing to increase leaps and bounds every year, not only is email not dead, but it’s become one of the most effective ways to reach customers and prospects who are always on the go.

But despite email marketing being more effective today than it’s ever been, your emails have an uphill battle to climb: How can you make sure your customers and prospects see and realize the worth of your messages before they reach for the delete button?

Don’t just reach out to your customers. Connect with them

Creating an email and hitting send does not make for a successful marketing campaign. Did your email get opened? Did it encourage a conversion? Did it even make it to your end-users’ inboxes, or was it filtered straight to spam?

At 5 Stones Media, we realize that email marketing is as much about the creation of a powerful campaign, as it is about the followup. We provide clients with complete email marketing support designed to increase engagement and conversions. Here’s how:

  • Strategize - Using data, research, and good ol’ fashion ingenuity, we’ll build you a strategy that will grow your list and increase positive responses.
  • Write - What good’s an email if it doesn’t say something? From subject lines to call to actions, we meticulously comb through every syllable and punctuation mark to make sure your message is a home run.
  • Code & Design - We customize templates that build brand awareness and drive conversions.
  • Find Your ESP - We’re not talking about mind reading here. ESP stands for email service provider. Pick the wrong one, and your emails may never reach their targets.

Wait! Before you hit send …

It’s pretty easy to type up an email and hit send, isn’t it? But that type of convenience can hurt your business. Before you hit send on your next email campaign, make sure you’re doing everything you can to guarantee your email’s destiny is more than just virtual birdcage liner.

When we create email campaigns, we make sure you get the best response possible. That includes:

  • Analyzing subject lines based on market trends.
  • Determining the best send time for your campaign, based on topic, audience, time of year and more.
  • Sifting through open and click-through rates and discovering the reasons for an email’s performance.
  • Adapting your next campaigns based on our research so that each new email you send, out-performs the last

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