Why You Should Hire an Email Marketing Company

Written by SuperUser Account on 4/15/2013

In the music business, your favorite artist is your favorite because they made a record with songs on it that you love. Chances are, even if your favorite artist was a solo label, there were multiple people working behind-the-scenes to bring that wonderful music to life for you to enjoy listening. The band plays the songs. The engineer runs the studio equipment to capture the sound. Another person usually mixes the recording. And, yet another set of ears is hired to master the tracks before they are published via CD or an online music site.

Just like your favorite band had help with crafting their sound, so should your business consider outside help when it comes to email marketing campaigns.

Whether or not you have an English major and a web designer on your marketing team, it simply makes more sense and is a better use of your resources to hire people to do what you don’t have time for. Your marketing team could very well consist of one well-meaning, multi-hat-wearing person without any significant marketing background, yet because you have a small business it might make sense to elect that person as the sender of your company emails. The time it will take them to prepare, learn how to design, pick up on today’s best email marketing strategies and to do all of this effectively is probably going to cost a whole lot more in time and payroll than it would to hire someone who does them on a day-to-day basis. Those who delegate excel!

Most small businesses have a severe disadvantage when it comes to communicating their message to clients and customers.

Because small businesses are awesome at being small businesses, very often they have spent more time developing skills in areas other than communications. In developing those skills, they can become too close to the details of their business to the point that it becomes difficult to convey important ideas in the broader, emotionally-appealing terms a customer can understand.

And, even if your business is doing a really great job at email marketing, how much time are you devoting to getting it right? Wouldn't you be better off investing that time in the stuff you do the best?

There are many things that a marketing professional knows that the non-professional marketer does not. Such as how to…

  • Craft subject lines that will get your email opened
  • Integrate social media
  • Capture the audience’s attention and keep it
  • Maintain consistent branding
  • Send emails and with best frequency/intent

The bottom line is that if you want to get your message out to your customer base loud and clear – and as efficiently as possible – then it’s just smarter to dole out the task to professionals who do it every day. That’s where a web and email marketing expert like 5 Stones Media can really help your small business. While you focus on your products and services, we can focus on developing your message and broadcasting your brand much more effectively than if you did it yourself.

So, seriously consider outsourcing your email marketing. Your business will grow to the tune of better customer engagement, clearer copy, more powerful imagery and more coherent campaign management. All in all, we're talking increased R.O.I. And, isn't that music to your ears?

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