Upcoming Classes and workshops

Photography for Business

Tuesday November 13, 2018
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Greater Hammond Chamber, 400 NW Railroad Ave
Hammond, LA

Your website, social media, and promotional materials all need great photos and it is easier than ever to take them. Long gone are the days of the darkroom and needing a fancy camera to take pictures, so why aren’t you taking more photos for your business? The truth is that even though we are carrying around a camera in our pockets at all times in the form of our phone, the thought of taking photos to use to promote our business is still pretty daunting. We’re here to help! In this class, we’ll talk about the basic principles behind taking a good photo, what kinds of photos will help entice people to do business with you, and what online platforms will really benefit from the addition of photography. We’ll even do a live demonstration where you will take a photo with your phone to see how easy it can be!

Cost: $10

Thanks to the Greater Hammond Chamber for hosting!