J.R. Portman

COO & Vice President

Who are you?

I am John Robert Portman, or J.R. for short, and I’m originally from Laredo, Texas.  After graduating from Tulane University with a double major in English and Studio Art Photography, I moved to London to work as a photographer and then to L.A. after that.  I’ve been a professional photographer for nearly 2 decades, worked as a historic millworker in New Orleans and run my own furniture and lighting design shop, and also am currently a Google Trusted Photographer and Local Search Strategist.

What do you do?

In addition to my photography skill set and Local Search expertise, I am the Project Manager at 5 Stones, meaning I work directly with both the client and creative team to keep projects running smoothly.  Like most people at 5 Stones, I wear many hats and I love it!

Why do you love working at 5 Stones Media?

When I had my own furniture design business, I quickly realized that getting people to buy my stuff was a complicated affair and required a lot of marketing savvy.  Since then, I’ve found that I take great joy in helping businesses navigate the complicated realm of marketing, and being on a team of talented people who also feel that way is a blessing.

What is the most important lesson you’ve ever learned?

The most important lesson I ever learned is that trying to do everything alone is not a sustainable strategy.  I think real success can only come when you work as a team with God in the lead.

What is your proudest achievement?

One of my proudest achievements, though it is a little clich√©, is my family.  My amazing wife Leslie and my two sons Finley and Everett are my constant source of inspiration and humility.

What is your secret superpower?

My secret superpower is adaptability!  I love a good challenge, especially those that require a multitude of skillsets.  I truly love working a complicated project though to completion.