Hammond DDD

Chelsea Tallo: The DDD was facing a couple of challenges that initiated our rebranding process. The logo was kind of outdated and the DDD itself had changed around staff, we had changed around board members; we're really a whole new organization with a whole new purpose, so we wanted to make sure that our rebranding reflected what we were doing.

We encountered a few challenges with this project. We have a lot of cooks in the kitchen, is what I can say about the DDD. We have a lot of opinions going on and when you have so many opinions, it's hard to get an ending result that everyone is proud of and that was the best thing about 5 Stones. They understood who we were. They understood that we do have a lot of opinions and a lot of decision makers, so they went through and were able to adapt and bring our project to something that everyone was proud of and that in the end everyone agreed on, which is very rare and very hard to do.

In addition to the logo itself, we did photography, a photography campaign, and a video campaign. The videos were to get people to come downtown and get excited about what we have here. And then the photography campaign focused on the five elements that the DDD focuses on.

My favorite part of the project was the video. They did a really good job with the video. They took what we keep saying - Hammond is historically hip - and turned it into video form; and you can see that in the video. And I think that the places that they used and the people that they shot were - I was really surprised with how well it turned out.

Working with 5 Stones was super easy. My job, I'm pulled in a bunch of different directions and while I wanted to do the logo, I didn't personally have a lot of time to focus on the logo and I knew that it was in good hands when I was doing other things. So working with them was easy. I didn't have any stress with working with them. They made sure that I was kept on my timeline. They made sure that what they were giving us was what we wanted. It was a breeze. I would do it again and I'd recommend it to anyone.