Words That Ain't - 10 Made-Up Words We All Use

Written by SuperUser Account on 12/2/2014
Words That Ain't - 10 Made-Up Words We All Use

Everyone here at 5 Stones knows the sad truth about me; I’m a grammar freak. They pick with me constantly and even my own friends post those Facebook quizzes (that you all know you take) regarding spelling, punctuation and grammar on my timeline.

I can get a bit excessive with it at times, and things bother me that others wouldn’t give a second glance at. My colleagues joke around at my obsession with the English language and it’s all fun and games until someone needs something proofread!

So, in light of my obsession and the jokes that come along with it, I give you 10 made-up words we all use. Enjoy!

  1. Irregardless— When people mistakenly combine irrespective and regardless. Maybe you meant regardless?
  2. Conversate— A combination of conversation and communicate (just in case someone’s forgotten the verb converse).
  3. Supposably— It rolls off the tongue so nicely, but it’s also not a word. Supposedly is, though!
  4. Vice-a Versa— The correct phrase is simply vice versa.
  5. Sherbert— It’s sherbet. And it’s gross.
  6. Announciate Please enunciate when you make up words. Or even annunciate. Certainly don’t announciate.
  7. Expresso There’s no X in espresso, son.
  8. Nauseous Nauseous means to cause nausea. If you’re sick, you’re nauseated.
  9. Meme— Pronounced as “Me-Me”…It’s meme, like scream.
  10. Whole Nother— Nother is nonstandard. Just say another or whole other.

*Bonus Phrase*

“I could care less”- …So that means you do care a little bit? Perhaps you mean you couldn’t care less?

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