Why It Is Critical To Own Your Domain Name

Written by SuperUser Account on 7/4/2019


So I just got a call from someone who's going to become a client on Monday, we're going to be doing some digital ads and building a website for him, who I basically spoke to three years ago. He reminded me he was shopping around for a website and his big interest was getting leads which is something we hear a lot, getting new clients to notice him and to then find out information, which is what a website's really good for. So at the time he decided to go with someone who sold him this idea of he's going to provide a lot of guaranteed leads and qualified stuff, which sounds great. But what ended up happening was that this gentleman ended the person he hired built a website for him on his own domain. So basically the domain is the www dot whatever it is.

If you don't own that, it's like building a house on someone else's land. So when this, this client who we're starting with on Monday decided, I don't want to go with you anymore, there's some sketchy practices and stuff involved. The guy told him, well, I'm keeping your website and I'm, I'm gonna, I'm not gonna give it back to you. And so that domain that he'd worked for three years building up information and stuff on the website, on it, uh, the domain that they're gone, um, again, to relate it to a house, it's like if you were living somewhere and then the, someone just showed up one day and said, get out. This is my property. And then you go check with the assessor's office and like, sure enough, it's not your property at all. This is something we've talked about. Gosh, over and over and over again.

I see this happen where people pay a web developer or pay some sort of marketing agency and um, they're like, yeah, we'll do a website. But they skip over the part of, do you own your domain? Oh, domain by the way, is you can go to GoDaddy and buy a domain usually for $11.99 per year. It costs almost nothing. Now finding a domain that for you that exists that you want, you know, if I wanted to get jr portman.com I actually own that domain, but it's, you know, if it's not available I'd have to find some. That's the hard part in just finding a domain. But once you, I mean it's one of the cheapest things you can do in marketing. Make sure you own your own domain because otherwise these, someone builds you a site. You have no keys to your castle.

It's, it's just a website is one of the few intellectual properties you can own out there. Everything you do on social media that technically you don't own it. Um, but when, when you build a website, that's the one you got to make sure you're on to none Maine. So this is a public service announcement. I'm just, I hate to see this happen to people. I hate to see people come to us frustrated and you know, all of the work they've done has been gone. I, I don't understand that kind of business practice. I couldn't ever do that to someone. But they, one of the things that's really important to us, even if people don't ask us, we make sure they know that they're going to own their website. Once it's done, that it's going to send in their domain and it's there. It is not. You stop paying us, you'll lose it. Um, you know, he just, if you're considering building a website or working with someone, um, just make sure you ask that question, do well. I own at the end. Who, who does the domain belong to? Don't let anybody else register your domain. Marketing entities should help you to do it and make sure that you have the log in and password to it. Very simple to do, but one of those key things that if you don't do it right, it could bite you later. All right, that's it. Bye.

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