What Is This Mystery Bill I Get For My Domain Name Every Month?

Written by SuperUser Account on 7/4/2019


That just got a call from a client that we built a website for and he was asking me is like, why am I getting this mystery bill from someone I thought I'd pay you guys for this hosting and stuff like that. Um, so basically this video is about mystery bills. Um, if you're getting something from a company, we get calls all the time, like, is this you guys, this you guys, you really should only be paying one ongoing fee on a recurring basis for your website. And that's hosting. And if you're getting a bill from a company you don't recognize, it's probably your old hosting. So hosting is basically the rent you pay for someone somewhere to keep your website, um, which is then out there on the Internet. You stopped paying your hosting, you stopped paying your rent and you basically get kicked out of your property.

So those things are real essential thing to do. It ranges between 20 and $30 a month, something like that. So that's a, if you see a bill like that, it's probably hosting. Um, but what people often forget is over time they'll, they'll build a new website, they'll relaunch and you start paying new hosting with someone else. And then it's very easy to end up with two or three hosting bills. So stop, take the time and think about it. Call the company or ask, you know, what is this for? What? What if it's, especially if it says hosting what side of my hosting and chances are you're paying for hosting for a site that doesn't exist anymore. You should only have one hosting bill if you only have one website. So mystery bill solved. Um, make sure you're not paying hosting on a site that doesn't exist anymore. That's it.

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