What is a Post Mortem Meeting?

Written by SuperUser Account on 7/5/2019


What is a post mortem? A postmortem is the term for a meeting or an internal reflection, a about a project or a meeting or something significant that happens that you can identify three things, what went right, what went wrong, and what you're going to do different next time. A postmortem is really important. Um, because especially in a business, you're never going to learn from your mistakes. You're going to keep making the same mistakes over and over again if you don't, um, stop and reflect upon it. Oftentimes in business, we just jumped from one thing to another and we don't stop to reflect upon it because we're wasting time, right? Like, time is money. Um, and if I took an extra 30 minutes with my team, well that's, that's this, you know, six, seven employees, whatever it is to talk about something we already did. What's the point in that?

Well, as an example, we just had a, a kickoff meeting with a client. We've had lots and lots of these kinds of meetings, but I had four employees in here. Uh, we're, we're building a website and doing a social media management and email marketing for this client. So it was a two hour meeting. It's significant time investment. Um, but I made everybody stay after the meeting was done for just five minutes is all it took. Um, to ask them those questions, hey, how did that go guys? What did we do right? What did we do wrong? W W and what should we do differently next time so that we don't repeat the same mistake? What's the famous saying? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So if you are interested in all in improving yourself and your organization, you've got to do postmortems.

You've got to stop and reflect. And this isn't just about the negative things, it's about the positive things, right? Like how often you stop to celebrate your victory. That's a big thing here at Firestones that we really want to reflect like, Hey, this client is happy. We did a good job on this project. We did a great job. And it can be something small that that's just a kickoff meeting for us. We have, we've got a lot of work left to do. But, um, our post-mortem, we discussed, we found a few things where we could, we should have asked that question a little bit better. We should have gotten more into detail about this or that. But in general, we left our goal with a meeting with the kickoff meeting is for the client to feel like these guys have a plan and for us to understand that client well enough to be able to do our jobs well without going back and asking more questions.

And we did that. So that's a victory. And you know what, that's a good day for me and that's, that's great. And uh, um, you know, I want more of that. So good will our processes working, you see, and it's not just an organizational thing, but it's a personal thing in life. How are you going to get better as a human being if you don't think, all right, well, I'm did this action or I had this kind of relationship. I, I, I tried something new. I, I have this habit. You've got to stop and think about it. And that's what the postmortem is all about. You can also call it an after party if you don't like the a, the term postmortem. I think there's other terms out there for them, but the big one is postmortem. I'm an advocate for them. I think that will help you improve. Um, so try it and see how it goes.

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