What Is A Landing Page?

Written by SuperUser Account on 7/4/2019


What is a landing page? This is a question I answer almost on a daily basis. Um, whenever we're doing digital ads for a client, we will direct traffic either to the website or a landing page. If you don't have a website, we're gonna make you a landing page. Oftentimes when people do have a website, we will still use a landing page. A landing page is a place to send digital or to send online traffic. Um, it generally is kind of like a baby website. It might be a one page or very shallow focused place. Um, that has information just specifically about the thing that brought that person there in the first place. For instance, if we were running Google ads about a special offer that a client had on something, the only content on that landing page would be focused on that special offer. This is a good thing and the reason why we do this sometimes, even when there is a website in place is because that helps people from getting distracted.

It puts the blinders on them to focus on that thing. You know, people this day and age, digital marketing would move quickly. People don't get, they get distracted or lost very easily. So it makes the funnel very focused to drive the sale home or whatever the call to action is that you're trying to do. Another reason why we'll end up making a landing page for someone is simply because a lot of people editing their website is too difficult, which is unfortunate. But if you're relying on a web developer that's going to take two weeks to return your call and charge you this and that, just forget it. You know? So it's, it's good to be able to drive traffic to a website. But on the other hand, when they're on your site, there's a lot of other tabs. There's a lot of things for people to do up there. So the value of a landing page is to keep, uh, your audience, uh, particularly in ads focused. Um, and it helps to, to do conversions and it solves a little bit of a problem sometimes if you either don't have a website or don't have an easy means to at, at your website up. That answers the question about what is a landing page.

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