SEO for DotNetNuke - Choosing the Right Blog Module

Written by SuperUser Account on 9/17/2013
SEO for DotNetNuke - Choosing the Right Blog Module

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Best DNN Blog Module for SEO and Why

Link to Ventrian News Articles

Note: A couple of people have asked me which is my favorite blog module. By far my favorite is Easy DNN News. I love this module and the developers have been incredibly helpful. It is just missing a couple of important features that I need for SEO and it does not integrate with Ifinity URL Master. If I am building a site where very strong SEO is not a huge concern then Easy DNN News is my blog/articles module of choice.

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Transcript of Video 3

Alright. So, welcome to Part 3, talking about search engine optimization and DotNetNuke. In Part 3 we are going to talk about the blog module that you use on your website which is really important. The blog module that I use is actually not my favorite blog module. There is a different articles module that I really like a lot but, unfortunately, the developer just did not really put into it what it needs to have some good SEO in the site. The blog module that I recommend and the one that I use in my own website because of the great SEO functionality of it is called News Articles and that’s by a company called Ventrian and at Ventrian, they just understand SEO, they give it some great features, the ability to put the meta descriptions in for each one of your blogs posts, also the ability to have canonical URLs, setting your title tags and stuff like that and these are things that are hugely important, they can’t be overlooked and the blog module that I love just doesn’t have it. Ventrian has been around for a long time, they build great modules. Again, they just work and for the price you just can’t beat it. When you are on the Ventrian website, you will see that you can subscribe to it. When you subscribe to Ventrian, you can have every one of the modules that they produce 50 dollars for a year. As they update them, you just log in and download the modules, any one of them that they make. You can’t beat this deal.

The particular module, it’s called News Articles and the thing that I like about this module is that they give you some really nice features for search engine optimization. You can put in the title tag for your blog. You can put in a meta description for your blog. You can put in keywords even though I wouldn’t recommend using keywords, you can put them in for the individual blog. I will show you that on my own site.

Here is the blog post that I did and when I go in to edit it, you will see this little area that says “Meta information” and on the meta information here, I can put in the title tag, I can put in the description, here I can put in the keywords if I wanted to but, like I said, I don’t and I can even put in header tags for this particular blog. Now, the thing that I really like about this module is that it’s got canonical URLs. You can turn it on or off but you can have canonical URLs for each one of your blogs and I have not found another blog module for DotNetNuke that will do that.

So, if I go look at the page source of this blog – let me go into this blog – if I look at my page source and I am going to do a find, alright so right here I can see my link, yeah, canonical and it’s got my canonical link to that actual blog. So, I don’t have to go in and put that on the blog page which definitely don’t want to do that, I talked about that in video 1 but that canonical URL is really important and between having a canonical URL, individual title tags for our blogs and individual meta descriptions and the ability to putting keywords for each one of the blogs, that gives us a really good platform for doing some great SEO with DotNetNuke and the blog is something you have to have it unless you have got like a new website or something like that and then in that case you probably are going to use a blog module for your articles anyway but the thing about SEO today is that you have to build really good quality content on your site and a great way to do that is through a blog and that blog needs to be solid. If you want to try out some of the other modules that are out there, give it a shot but I think you will be really happy with this one.

If you have got any questions, comments or anything, feel free to comment on the YouTube video or in our blog, find us on Facebook,, hit us up on Google+, Twitter, whatever. Would really love to have your feedback. If there is something that you think I missed here, please comment so that I can talk about that in the future or if I am not doing it, maybe put it into place in my own search engine optimization.

So, I really appreciate you sticking around and hope that you will come back for more videos from us at a later time. Thanks.

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