Landscape Service Providers Need Photos

Written by SuperUser Account on 7/4/2019


Okay. I was just in a discussion with my art director and my digital ads strategist and we were talking about, ads in a site that we're doing for a landscape designer and someone who provides services of, of landscaping and Patios and that kind of stuff. We've worked with a lot of these types of clients and what we were discussing was the trend of the need for good photography. We always seem to be when we're working with these clients, whether we're developing a website for them or doing ads or running their social media or something like that, we're always looking for good pictures. And it's, you know, there's always stock photography out there and by stock I mean photos that you can just go online and get, and we were looking at this, this person's current site and it has all these pretty images, but they're not, they're very generic and they don't really look like, um, we're in southern Louisiana.

There's a very specific look to around here. So it just didn't look authentic. And of course, we know in this day and age authenticity is really important for customers making the decision to work with you. So if you happen to be in the field of doing landscaping or any of that kind of service like building fountains, doing patio and pavers, outdoor kitchens, you know, fencing or subsurface drainage, all of those kinds of activities, photography is going to be really important for you. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to hire a professional photographer for every single job you do, but it does mean getting yourself or your workers, your subcontractors, whomever in the habit of taking out their cell phone and taking photographs. Will the photos be as good as a professional photographer. No, but will it cost a whole lot less? Yes.

It's just developing a habit, because those images of completed projects and in process projects really, really come in handy for all sorts of different digital marketing activities like social media. Just posting that on social does a lot. And then when a client is researching you, I mean a lot of clients are making their decisions before they even contact you. So you need to have a presence online that shows your work, and a crummy picture is better than no picture at all. So I would advise getting in the habit of taking photos of your work, whether it's just you or you talk to your staff about it. Again, if you don't have a great camera phone, if you want, however you do, and it doesn't make a difference that the trick is to just have it. And when people come to us and want us to do stuff, it's one of our first questions is what kind of images of your work do you have?

Where can we pull from? And you really want to be able to have a body of work. Again, it doesn't have to be perfect in this day and age, something is better than nothing. Now you can upgrade from there and start, you know, if you had a lot of completed projects, maybe having a photographer, uh, go out and shoot a bunch of different works that maximize your budget and in one day get a photographer to take some really great photos, that would be great for your website. But really the point of this post is just to make you start, get yourself in the habit of taking photos because it comes in handy for a lot of stuff when we're always looking for it, especially in this industry, it's really, really necessary. All right, that's it.

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