So, you need a website? Of course. Every company needs an online presence in this wide world of web traffic. How else will customers find your Hammond auto repair business? Or your very welcoming hospitality business in Baton Rouge? But, before you start clicking and typing away at your very own do-it-yourself website, stop for a second.

Ask yourself one very important question.

Are you a Web designer?

Most people are not. It’s true, they make the tools very simple to use...

The Pitfalls of the DIY Website

Written by SuperUser Account on 4/15/2013

2012 was our first full year in business since Tim and I joined forces. It was a pretty good year all considered and we feel like we have been blessed as the foundation has been laid for what this business will become. Like most businesses do as the year comes to a close, we spent quite a bit of time reflecting on what the year looked like and tried to get that “one thousand foot view” that business leaders often talk about… the one that allows you to see things that you wouldn’t necessarily see when you are all muddled up in the day to day of making things happen.

One of our goals for 2013 is to really push the growth of the business. We want the business to create jobs and give back to the community. In order to do this the business needs to...

Who is 5 Stones Media?

Written by SuperUser Account on 1/13/2013