This blog post is the wrap-up of a 4 part series on the topic of Local SEO. These were livestreamed on Facebook in June and July of 2017.

Although it may be your best option to hire a marketing agency to do your local seo for you, you certainly don't have to do that. In this four part video series, we show you some of the basics of local seo. Watch these videos, take notes, then most importantly - take action! 

Week 1 we talked primarily about Google My Business and the information that Google contains and displays about your business, and how it pertains to local SEO.

Some of the topics covered here include:

A Primer on Local SEO

Written by SuperUser Account on 7/24/2017

The following article is an excerpt from a longer blog post we wrote on SEO for the University Website. This section does such a great job of explaining why keyword stuffing is an outdated and unnecessary technique that we felt it deserved its own post. If you'd like to read the entire article that it spawned from, read it here.

Why You Don't Need to Go Heavy On Keywords

Written by SuperUser Account on 11/29/2016

Is your mobile website just a stripped-down version of your desktop site?
Then this is a must-read for you. 

For the last few years, marketers and web designers (us included) have emphasized how important it is to consider the mobile design of a website. Data shows that with each passing year, more folks use their mobile devices to surf the web than any other platform.

But now, with its latest announcement, Google is stepping up the ante.

Earlier this month (October, 2016), Google announced that it will begin to create a separate mobile index within a few months, that will serve as the primary index that the search engine will use.

In other words, Google has decided to start indexing search results for mobile separately from desktop in order to offer mobile users better and fresher content.

The standard desktop index will remain active, but it won’t be as updated nearly as frequently as its mobile counterpart.

So, what’s this mean for your website?

Google’s New Mobile Index Redefines What Mobile First Really Means

Written by SuperUser Account on 10/25/2016