Y'all, I'm gonna tell you something you probably have never heard before. Being a business owner is exhausting! Haha - no, really - I know you've heard that before! We work NON-STOP, right? I am getting so much better though about carving out time for my family, friends and myself. I laugh when people talk about wanting "balance". I laugh because the word balance in and of itself means perfect. Think about it - if something is balanced - it's perfect. I do not believe that I will ever be 'perfect' at that balancing act. I just try to savor every single moment possible and make each one count.

Becoming a StoryBrand Guide

Written by SuperUser Account on 2/19/2018

Is there enough time in the day, week, or month? Do you have the budget? Will you really come back with ideas and inspiration?  Should I really go to this conference? All these questions and more crop up when it is time to register for that industry conference.  Is it really worth all the trouble?  Let’s dig in. The real question is this: are YOU the right person for the conference? Are YOU ready?

When it was clear to us that our area of specialty is helping children’s museums with their marketing, it was obvious that we needed to have a presence at the Association of Children’s Museums Interactivity conference. I knew that this would be great for us because I have been there before.  I attended Interactivity in both Houston and Boston where I came home in a ball of fire full of excitement, energy and enthusiasm for my work. So, based on my past experience in children’s museums and at that conference, I knew I needed to be there.

To attend or not to attend? That is NOT the question!

Written by SuperUser Account on 5/12/2016

If you’ve not see JOY yet, you may want to see it before reading this as there are more than a couple of spoilers here.

It’s New Year’s Day and I just got in from seeing the matinee of JOY with my family. As an entrepreneur who has spent much of the last week thinking about how 2016 is going to look for our personal lives and our business, this movie inspired me in so many ways. The movie was inspired by the life of Joy Mangano, inventor of the “miracle” mop. Her life story is a true rags to riches story of a woman who had to hit rock bottom before having success that most will only dream of.

The movie is more than inspiring however. There are quite a few lessons to be learned, and this article serves as a way to further engrain those lessons into my own mind as much as it does as a way that I hope I can encourage other entrepreneurs.

5 Business Lessons to be Learned from “JOY"

Written by SuperUser Account on 1/1/2016