Please note that the instructions below are for redirecting urls that are on the same domain name.

One of the common tasks that we find ourselves needing to do in DNN ( DotNetNuke ) is a 301 redirect. This is especially common when we have transitioned a company over from an HTML website to the DNN content management system. Typically people accomplish this task by adding a module to the website, but the module overrides the built in url rewriter that is already in DNN 7.1.2 and newer versions, and a lot of the add-on modules are pretty clunky whereas the built in rewriter works really well. Also, many of the add-on modules do not allow you to redirect from urls that have extensions like .php or .html.

How to do a 301 Redirect in DNN Without a Module

Written by SuperUser Account on 1/13/2016

In a previous life I was a Mercedes Benz technician and I owned my own German car repair shop. When I first broke away from the dealership to open this shop I did it on a really limited budget. "Limited" may be an understatement, if I'm being perfectly honest. My marketing consisted of a magazine ad that I paid way too much for (and I got my hand slapped by the Mercedes legal team because I used a large image of the Mercedes Star). I knew I needed a website and I knew that websites were created using something called "html". I'd remembered seeing an option to save documents as html using Microsoft Word, so I built my first website myself using Word. I recently found that old website, Comic Sans and all. If you want a laugh, check it out.

A few years went by and I eventually paid someone to build me a new website. They built it using Dreamweaver, and man it looked good! The problem was, when I wanted something changed I had to fiddle around in Dreamweaver and then ftp the new files up to the server. It was not what I would call easy. One day a buddy of mine that I met in my BNI group told me about this system he used called DotNetNuke. I asked him to show me how it worked and the rest is history.

Why DNN is my go-to CMS

Written by SuperUser Account on 2/12/2015

This video expands upon the series I have done about DNN SEO. You can see the full series here.

There are many things to consider when performing search engine optimization but I always tell people they should have rock solid on-page optimization before worrying about things like citations and backlinks. Good on-page optimization includes ensuring there is no duplicate content. Often duplicate content is perceived because of poor website architecture. Out of the box, the DNN login and register controls cause perceived duplicate content issues. This post will tell you how to fix these issues using 2 different methods.

DNN SEO - How to Optimize the Login and Register Controls

Written by SuperUser Account on 8/15/2014