In one of my previous blog posts, You’re Only As Good As Your Content, I talk about why content from you is important when we're doing your marketing. We know that getting the information straight from the source is always the best thing. However, we’ve had a few people struggle with what exactly needs to go on their new website. Here’s some good guidelines for pages that you will normally have on your website:

Writing Website Content

Written by SuperUser Account on 5/12/2015

Developing a useful blog post involves a great deal of creativity. You can’t always force yourself to get creative and it seems near to impossible to do so if you’re on a time crunch. I’ve compiled a few ideas that might get your brain going when you’re stuck for ideas:

What Do You Do When You’re Stuck?

Written by SuperUser Account on 12/16/2014

Everyone here at 5 Stones knows the sad truth about me; I’m a grammar freak. They pick with me constantly and even my own friends post those Facebook quizzes (that you all know you take) regarding spelling, punctuation and grammar on my timeline.

I can get a bit excessive with it at times, and things bother me that others wouldn’t give a second glance at. My colleagues joke around at my obsession with the English language and it’s all fun and games until someone needs something proofread!

So, in light of my obsession and the jokes that come along with it, I give you 10 made-up words we all use. Enjoy!

Words That Ain't - 10 Made-Up Words We All Use

Written by SuperUser Account on 12/2/2014

9 Ways Professional Content Writing Can Benefit Your Business

We’ve mentioned in other posts about the many ways that having a professional to manage aspects of your business – such as social media – can give you a leading edge. Yet, so often when 5 Stones Media meets a customer who wants marketing materials developed, such as web content, brochures, emails or newsletters, etc. the companies insist on writing their own copy. This is often not a good idea, for many reasons.

One reason is that you become too close to it. Being immersed in your profession, you already have an understanding of it like no other. But unless you are a professional writer, it may be difficult to convey the right message in a marketing style of copy that needs to make your readers hooked. Non-marketing writers often skirt around the essential aspects of sales copy, such as the benefits-driven points, calls-to-action or main details of the product or service. Instead, they write in very informational styles that do not sell well.

For example, let’s say you are selling robots or robot-related services. Which sounds more compelling to a customer?

Why Use Professionally Written Copy in Your Marketing?

Written by SuperUser Account on 6/12/2013