Compass Career College

Our entire team loves to learn—in this ever-changing industry, we have to. It’s challenging, but keeps us agile and our work exciting. Because we love learning, when Kristin and Sarah from Compass Career College came to 5 Stones looking to ramp up their marketing efforts, we didn’t even hesitate to say “Let’s do this thing!”

It was important that we created an image and persona that captured the pride Kristin and Sarah already had for the school; one that students could point to and happily say, “This is MY school.”

There was also a necessity for a succinct, relatable way to convey Compass’ mission to the public. Eventually, inspiration struck in three impactful words: Life Changing Direction.

The simplest of sentiments can carry a ton of meaning. The appropriateness of the new slogan only continued to become more evident as our partnership matured; most notably when we chronicled the story of former student turned healthcare professional, Ramona. Her “Journey to Success” made it clear that Compass offers exactly what the slogan suggests.

Ramona's Journey to Success


Okay… sweet! The branding part was good to go. Then it came time to get the word out!

The strategy we had in mind involved a bit of everything. We knew for sure that a new website was vital. The old one didn’t look very professional, and it wasn’t serving the school very well. Specifically, they needed one focused on conversion optimization—getting the right information in front of the right people at the right time, with lead capture forms and great calls-to-action… but also one that looked nice and felt like a good representation of a reputable academic institution.

Digital advertising was also a large focus of ours. Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and YouTube pre-roll ads were all created, tested, tweaked, and perfected, to increase awareness of as well as enrollment for each of Compass' programs. The public was kept engaged with constant contact (pun intended) through email, and we continued the conversation on social media.

Our strategy included offline components, too! The 5 Stones design team created multiple stunning print pieces. From brochures and business cards, to billboards and on-site signage, even the smallest details were considered in weaving together a consistent story for the Compass brand.

This partnership has been nothing short of spectacular, and has brought in some pretty impressive stats and results for Compass. In just 7 months the new website has prompted 392 visitors to fill out an enrollment application, there have been 698 form requests for more information, and traffic has increased by over 25%. Social media has seen a pretty nice boost, too, with an overall 160% increase in engagement. And, with just over 80+ digital ads, Compass' message reached over 160k potential students and netted more than 45k video views online.



unique form requests


increase in engagement


reach in audience
Hands down, curating content has been our favorite part of the whole ordeal! Compass has more than enough cool stuff going on around campus for us to capture, and the faculty and students LOVE getting involved. The welding department is a GIF goldmine, and our take on the mannequin challenge was a bonafide social hit. We’ve been fortunate in that Compass is one of those, “Wait, we really get to have this much fun at work?!?” clients.

Partnering with Compass has not only allowed us to bring another client the results they were looking for, but continues to be a rewarding experience for 5 Stones. Our team provides a full suite of integrated services, and delivers results-driven marketing strategies that allow Kristin and Sarah to continue to build upon the legacy their parents began.

“We got with 5 Stones to come into the 21st century and start adding technology into our advertising, and it's really changed the way our business operates... It's a wonderful thing to have a partner in helping your business grow.”

- Kristin Pfeifer, Director of Cosmetology