Why You Don't Need to Go Heavy On Keywords

Written by SuperUser Account on 11/29/2016
Why You Don't Need to Go Heavy On Keywords

The following article is an excerpt from a longer blog post we wrote on SEO for the University Website. This section does such a great job of explaining why keyword stuffing is an outdated and unnecessary technique that we felt it deserved its own post. If you'd like to read the entire article that it spawned from, read it here.

Think about the "I shall prove" thesis page

Most students have had to write thesis papers in their life. Early on in their careers, they may have been taught to start their papers with the statement: I shall prove, as in:

I shall prove that the earth revolves around the sun.

That statement is then followed by three or so points that the student will use to prove his point.

During the course of the thesis paper, the student will naturally talk about earth revolving around the sun; however, he’s likely not going to repeat that statement (the earth revolves around the sun) a half a dozen times.

It just doesn’t sound natural.

Instead, he’ll talk about rotations and revolutions. He’ll almost certainly talk about Nicolaus Copernicus (who was the first person to suggest the earth rotates around the sun). He’ll also likely use the term heliocentrism.

These terms are related keywords that fall within the umbrella phrase of earth revolves around the sun.

These days, Google’s algorithms are so complex and intelligent that they know that a post about the earth revolving around the sun should likely include these related words.

In other words, as you create content designed to rank high for certain search phrases, don’t confine your content to just that phrase. Think about user intent. What does the user want to know? Think about the age-old I shall prove thesis paper.

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