The Importance of Aesthetics in Web Design

Written by SuperUser Account on 4/16/2013

A lot of rookie entrepreneurs – or even some who have been in business a long time – have a misconception about web design. As a business owner, a common mistake is designing a site that YOU like, rather than thinking about the end user, which are your prospects and customers. Looking cool and suiting your purpose are two completely different mindsets, but they can be merged together. For starters, just take a look at the aesthetics of your web design from an outsider’s perspective, rather than from the point of view of where you are now, as the business owner.

First of all, yes visual appeal is important. But that’s not the highest priority and you must consider that everyone has different tastes, preferences and likes. It’s kind of like art. Some people like dark and mysterious, while others prefer colorful and lively, and yet another crowd may prefer the abstract or strange. Unless you’re selling artwork on your website, then many of these typical rules should fall further down the scale of priorities.

With that said, here are the main components of an aesthetically (and strategically) appealing website:

  • Flow: In tekkie terms, this is the navigation of your website. It shouldn’t jump all over the place and have too many boxes or confusion. It should be simple, straightforward and easy for customers to find things they want to look at. The links should be driven to pages that pull them to take action. It should make sense.
  • Branding: Your website should reflect your brand, with an easy-to-identify corporate logo and colors that make your customers feel warm. It should put off a good vibe and reflect the personality of your company.
  • Colors: Don’t go for shock factor. Electric lime green might get their attention indeed, but the goal is not to make your customers scared. Color choices should again, give off a good aura and put your customers in the mood to buy. The colors reflect the energy of your website. White never goes out of style!
  • Images: Stock images might be easy, but people will definitely know if you have that stereotypical boardroom photo of six perfect looking people in business suits and ties smiling and ready to charge their credit cards. Or palm trees and sunsets at your corporate office, when you live in an area that has pine trees and snow. Instead, opt for custom photos of REAL people who work at your company, preferably doing REAL tasks or showcasing REAL products that you sell. Canned images are corny and consumers dislike them in general.
  • Balance: This is about the content and the balance of your web pages. If you have a consistency on each page, it will look more professional than having one page that has a couple of sentences and then another that you have to scroll down to read ten paragraphs. In general, it is best to have one captivating headline, a couple of paragraphs, followed by a few bullet points (for the skimmers) and then a conclusion and call-to-action. Keeping the balance in check also includes the images. Don’t overload your website with too many pictures or too few.
  • Communication: Does your message send the right signals? Make sure you speak consistently throughout the site and within the content. Don’t forget to answer the readers’ questions, even though you already know the answers you should keep in mind that your customers may not. Be clear or you will spend more time answering questions and inquiries from people who do not understand your message. Or, they might just go to another website (your competitor) that communicates better.
  • Social media integration: These days, you need to have your blog, “Like us on Facebook” and all other social media opportunities clearly displayed on your website. This way they can subscribe to your newsletter and stay in touch with you.
  • Flexibility: Be a little different. Being unique sets your business apart, so although you should apply the strategies outlined above, your website must still look exceptionally brilliant as compared to your competitors.

To sum it up, the aesthetics of your website is one of the most critical aspects for you to consider, so whether you’re building a new one from scratch or revamping an existing site, it’s best to choose a professional like They know exactly how to create a site that suits your needs, target audience and that you will love from beginning to end.

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