Sass, served with a side of hash(tags).

Written by SuperUser Account on 3/20/2016
Sass, served with a side of hash(tags).

Okay folks, stop what you’re doing right now, because I have some news for you...we are all using hashtags (#) wrong—yes, I’m including myself in this unfortunate phenomena.

If you’re of a generation from years past, this might seem obvious being that “#” is actually what was once known as the pound sign. However, today I’m talking about two specific (incorrect) usages of the # on social media.

#Everything Hashtagger

We all have that one friend who #hashtags #every #single #word #in #a #sentence… Even words like “the” and “and,” or worse, “a.” It doesn’t necessarily negate people from being able to discover your content—when you tag indiscriminately, you at least tag relevant words in conjunction with irrelevant ones. Still, this method comes off a bit tacky and over-the-top. Don’t be a #Everything-Er!

#IMadeItUp Hashtagger

I’ve personally committed this social media faux pas before...recently, even. I, like many others, have frequently used the # as a vehicle for delivering puns at the end of my posts. #ImAReallyPunnyPerson

The issue here is that when your #’s are so long-winded and specific, chances are nobody is searching for that particular tag. In other words, people aren’t going to discover your content when you “make up” your own #’s.

These are just two common trends I’ve noticed - and I’m certain there are plenty more floating around out there! Overall, I could just be nitpicking at people who are just having fun with the #. Regardless, if you’re looking to use the # to its fullest potential, and as a method for people to discover your content, you might want to consider including more relevant, popular tags in your next social media post. (Though I do think we all enjoy a sassy # pun now and again!) :)

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