Our Intern Projects: Restoration House

Written by SuperUser Account on 3/5/2015
Our Intern Projects: Restoration House

If you know any of us here at 5 Stones, you know we LOVE Southeastern Louisiana University. LION UP! We value our community and enjoy having an internship program that allows us to partner students of the university as well as local businesses and organizations. From graphic design & marketing to social media management, our interns are able to develop skills and experience in their field, while also giving back to the community. It’s a priceless experience!

One of our two newest graphic design interns and student from SLU’s graphic design program, Olivia Tull, has spent her time working with a local non-profit, Restoration House. Restoration House is a Christian ministry serving the people of the Florida Parishes. The organization has taken remarkable strides to providing assistance to women and families experiencing unplanned pregnancy. Not only do they offer services including pregnancy testing, ultrasounds and counseling, they also conduct weekly Bible study classes to encourage clients. Their annual Baby Bottle Campaign is one of the most important sources of funding for the organization, making it a key element in keeping the program alive.

One way of ensuring the campaign’s success is through the art of graphic design. Our intern, Olivia has strategically worked on designing posters, banners, Facebook graphics, and handouts for the campaign. “Working with Restoration House during my internship has been a great way for me to experience creating multiple pieces for a single campaign and learning more about client relationships. It has been an amazing opportunity working with such an inspirational ministry.”

Take a look at this awesome design work by Olivia! The bottle was used to track the campaign’s progress.

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