Events on Facebook

Written by SuperUser Account on 3/3/2016
Events on Facebook

Facebook is full of useful features for business owners, but there’s one in particular I don’t see many taking advantage of - the events section. If your company isn’t hosting events, you could be seriously missing out. Events are an ideal way to engage your audience and build hype around your business. They are also a clever way to get customers in your doors.

Creates Buzz

Having a Facebook Event on your Page allows you to create buzz around your event and engage followers directly. Here you can invite your followers and they can invite their friends. It’s a single place where your followers can find everything they need - a link to register or purchase tickets, the address and directions, and event-specific posts.

Builds Relationship with Attendees

Organizing Events through Facebook provides the perfect launchpad for potential visitors to find all the information they need about your event in one, convenient spot. Facebook also makes it simple to share important information and updates as the event approaches. Event administrators are even able to gather valuable insights and analytics for their event.

Promoting your Event

There are multiple ways to approach promoting your upcoming events. A solid first step would be to make sure to post about your event, offering your followers some basic information about it. Secondly, encourage people to subscribe to your events. When someone subscribes to your events, they’ll receive notifications as you continue to add others. Finally, remember to share your Facebook Events with your email list. This isn’t an exhaustive list, so don’t be afraid to get creative and see what other ideas you can come up with!

If you feel like your event could use an extra boost, consider designating an advertising budget. A budget of as little as $100.00 could significantly impact your event’s exposure. To make that $100.00 go further, dedicate an ad to website clicks. Send users to a landing page where they can register, buy tickets, or find more information. This sort of ad is generally inexpensive, and your event will benefit from higher conversion rates.

I could write an entire book on Facebook events, but here we’ve gone over just some of the basics. Next time you have an event, give these tips a try and make it rock!

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