Email Nurturing Campaigns

Written by SuperUser Account on 3/8/2018
Email Nurturing Campaigns

In the last email we talked about creating a lead generating pdf and trading it to your prospective clients for their email address.

In this email we're going to talk about the email campaign you're going to send them once you have the email address.

The email campaign is where the magic happens. Now that you have your prospect’s email address, you can build trust and authority over a long period of time.

Through an ongoing email nurturing campaign you can remind them how you are there to ease the pain of whatever problem they have. They might not even open the majority of your emails, but each time they get one, your name will be right in their inbox reminding them who you are.

Putting this in place is a little more technical than the other things we’ve talked about so far. The actual process is going to depend on your website and the email marketing system you are using.

This can be as simple as building out an autoresponder series in MailChimp or Constant Contact, or as complex as creating a marketing funnel in InfusionSoft or ClickFunnels.

Here is a suggested list of emails to send and the order to send them in.

  1. Thank you for downloading
  2. Overcome an objection
  3. Testimonial
  4. Deliver a paradigm shift
  5. Problem + Solution (a common problem, and how your product/service solves it)
  6. Failure + Success (someone's failure turned into a success with your product/service)
  7. Sales letter

So what do you do now? Start writing these emails. Start with the subject lines if you need to, but just get started. "I don't like to write" is just an excuse. If you hate writing that much or are that bad at it, pay someone to do it for you.

This is the kind of thing that turns good businesses into great businesses. It is the kind of marketing that over time will bring you a steady flow of leads that you can come to depend on.

It’s a “do it now” kind of thing. The businesses that wait until they’re in this fictional place called “ready” will never put something like this into place. The ones who do it now will reap the rewards later, but the rewards will be big.

What will it cost you to NOT do this?

On the other hand, what will it feel like a year from now when you have a steady flow of leads from an action you took a year ago that requires virtually no ongoing effort?

If putting this in place is beyond your capabilities, or if you’d rather spend your time doing other things while we do this for you, give us a call. 985-662-8419.

Brian Walker
CEO - 5 Stones

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