Email Addresses are Valuable

An email address is one of the most valuable things you can get from your customers. Here's why. A lot of people I talk to will say, "Email is dead." "That's so old school." "No one wants to be emailed to". "I don't need that in my business". A lot of reasons why, or maybe it's just too daunting to start collecting emails, when for so many years you haven't been doing it.

But according to a lot of research and a lot of articles that have been done on that subject, everyone prefers to be marketed to by email. This is what your clients say that they want. There's a lot of different ways to market to people, right? You can do digital advertising, you can pay per click on Google, you can do print, you can do all the traditional ways, but according to surveys, 95% of people say they prefer to get emails from the business that they do business with. So that's what they're saying.

And email is 40 times more effective than Facebook and LinkedIn or Facebook and Twitter combined. So people want it and it's really, really effective in driving sales and conversions and leads. So it works and people want it. So why not do it? Well, there's more reasons why you should be using email to market your business.

The name of the game for email is staying top of mind and establishing authority. A lot of advertising and marketing is just, "Buy my thing. Buy my thing. Buy my thing". Well, email is different. First of all, people can control whether or not they see the message. That's why the people like this. It shows up in the inbox and half the battle is just having your name show up in front of someone. It's one of those points of contact they talk about in sales, of staying top of mind.

But even if they don't open it, you're in front of them. But when they do, you're talking a little bit more, rather than just, "Buy my thing or service", you're telling them a little bit more about the company. People really like to see behind the scenes, behind the screen of who you are. So talking about company culture, maybe showcasing a review you got, so proof from someone else's side, from your business, telling someone why your services are great. Different updates. If you're doing SEO on your site, you're likely producing content or blogs. That's what we do for our clients. We'll showcase it on the email.

So it's just another way. We call it omnichannel marketing, but you want to be staying top of mind in multiple areas, whether it's social, whether it's website. Email is a really, really big piece of that pie. So you're able to talk more about your company, establish authority, and honestly, your clients are probably not doing this. If they are, you need to catch up with them. If they're not, then you've got this email that consistently is driving traffic to your website, producing leads and like I said repeatedly, your customers prefer to be marketed through this. So that's why email is really important.

The other part that's really important in that email is that it's inextricably linked to customer reviews. And you're like, "Customer reviews? Where did that come from?" Well, more stats for you. 95% of shoppers will make decisions based on reviews. It's almost universal that people are going to look at reviews. I do it. You do it. We all look at it, whether it's on a website for specific products or on the big one, Google and Facebook, those reviews are huge. They're everywhere. And you can't opt out.

I've talked at length about reviews and other things, but here's what reviews have to do with email. Here's the thing. 80% of online reviews are generated from an email request. So if I were to ask one of my clients, and they're just telling me how much they love me and how great it was to work with Five Stones, that's all fantastic. But if I say, "Will you leave me a review?" They may have the best intentions, but they're not going to do it. It's very difficult for people to remember and to go, figure out where they go. It's not actually that easy to go onto Google and leave a review. There's a little button and you have to search. You have to do a branded search. It's hard.

We live in a day and age where things need to be very quick and very easy and very digitally savvy for people to do. That link to where I leave Google reviews, if I copied and pasted that, it would be very long. So what we do when we're doing email marketing for a client is we'll make a page on their website that has the Google and Facebook buttons, or whatever the platforms are that we want to leave, and we ask for the review in an email.

Again, once you have someone's email address, it's super valuable because you can ask them for the review, you can stay top of mind. You can do a lot. You can even build lookalike audiences in Facebook advertising, and that's another thing. For reviews, once you have that email address, you can ask them, you make it very easy because what? Where are they when they're answering their review? They're on their phone or in front of a computer. There's a button, "Write us a review". Press the button. It takes them directly where they need to go.

And, pro tip, the site we take them to also has a form there, where they say, "Hey, if you weren't satisfied, tell us why, what we did". So you can stave off some of that negative feedback and also perhaps turn a disgruntled client that you wouldn't know is disgruntled into a happy client.

So there's a lot of things you can do with email. If you are not collecting email addresses from your clients right now, it's never too late to start. It's daunting to start from zero, but we've done it for plenty of people. Email is huge. Get email address from your client, utilize email marketing in your business and add that customer view component, because let's face it, we live in a world where whoever has the most gold stars wins, so you want those reviews on Google and Facebook. It really makes a difference with people choosing to do business with you.