5 Minutes With 5 Stones 8/1/2019


So today I'm videoing from the top floor of the Marriott in downtown new Orleans on canal street. Um, we have tables set up here for the Organization of Administration of Parish Administrators. I hope I said that right. Oh, APA. Um, and Kim is teaching here and she actually teaching right now in a second. I'm gonna go over there. Anyway, that's kind of what I want to talk about is education and how five stones has always done that kind of stuff and how it's led to some success for us as, as a businesses, as an agency. So we've got these core values. If you know anything about us, you've probably heard us talk about them or seen them. We've got our shield, uh, S, H. I. E. L. D. so synergy, happiness, integrity, expansion, leadership and dedication. So E for expansion is not only for our staff, obviously in marketing, we've got to always be learning about new stuff, but we like to help people learn themselves.

Definitely don't believe in keeping things close to the hip. Um, all of this stuff that we learn about, we love to share with people. I mean, let's be honest, marketing is kind of one of those things that people, if you want to do it, you're going to do it. A lot of people don't want to do it. And that's kind of why we exist. It takes a lot of work. It takes a lot of dedication. Um, so we love it. We always love learning stuff about it. But, um, we want to teach people what, how they can do it themselves if they want to. And oftentimes, I mean, they, they want us to take care of it and we're establishing ourselves as a leader in that industry. So, and by the way, I'll show you the view from up here. We're, I'm talking about, it's crazy.

You can see the Mississippi river there behind me and canal street. It's very cool to be up here right now and just keep looking out this window at new Orleans below. So anyway, what I was saying about education there, I, you know, if you're a business or you're trying to get new clients or maintain clients, what are you doing to maintain yourself as a leader in your field? Um, and for us it's always just been about education. It'd be for about eight years now, Kim, especially before she went in this class, I said, Hey, don't be nervous cause I make fun of her because she's so cool and calm about this style. She's, she can talk in front of a crowd. She's taught classes of hundreds and hundreds of people. Um, and she just said [inaudible] cost. Have you taught him you've taught at least a hundred. It's like I taught 67 classes in one year.

One time. That's a lot of classes I feel okay in front of a crowd. I've taught a few myself, but I have not taught anywhere that many in my whole life, much less than one year. So right now she's teaching a class on social media management, which if you know Kim Walker, which most people do, that's the thing. She teaches on statistics, Facebook classes, Instagram, social media, LinkedIn, um, as well as digital advertising, all this different kinds of stuff. And uh, but social is really what she's known for. So she's sitting there right now teaching these parish officials how to, how to do it themselves. When I get in there, I'm gonna get quiet. But, um, you know, it's important information for them to understand the scope, cause a lot of will, you know, people know what Facebook is, but what does it take from a business perspective or an organizational perspective to do it? Right? So for us, we want, we want to, we want to share what we've got. Um, and you know, oftentimes as a business strategy or sales strategy, it leads to people saying, Hey, these guys know what they're doing. So just think about it. Education is important to us. It should be important to you too. So let's go see Kim.

So filter your admin roles. Who is an admin on your page? Who should be in admin on your page? When we're talking about Facebook, there are different levels of administrators ship. So you want to decide which level should different people have, who has control to actually speak on behalf of your parish, who has control of being able to see the statistics and the insights. We'll run ads, um, all these different levels. It's really, really important that you decide upfront ahead of time who needs to be an admin and what level they need to be. You can really find yourself getting into some very tricky situations if you have the wrong people as admins on your page. Um, and then passwords, if you are getting access, change all the passwords you don't know who had access to that in the past and you want to make sure that you have a secure password for all of your social media platforms.

And then we'll talk about this a little later on, but get all of those passwords written down in one way. Number of people that don't know their passwords, it was really, really shocking. So get control of them. Change your passwords and have all that in one location. Okay. I'm thinking about whether you want to have one page for your entire parish or whether you want to have a different page for each of your departments. We had a long conversation in TAFE prepares about that. What was that? Um, what makes sense? You know, there are people in your community who will want to follow all of those pages, but then there are people who just want to follow animal control or they just wanna follow whatever department it might be. So for your parish, you have to decide what's going to make sense. Because if you have.