5 Minutes at 5 Stones 8/9/2019


Okay. We're wrapping up a pretty productive week here at 5 Stones. Um, me personally, I've talked to a lot of people interested in websites and not only websites but ecommerce websites, which really comes in phases. If you don't know e-commerce is, that's when people want to sell stuff, uh, on their, on their website, which can be, you know, I want to sell a couple of things, want to sell a lot of things. Um, and we just had a lot of people really interested in talking to us about that this week. So that's been fun because that forced us to, you know, look at that, those processes. It's, it's more complicated than a typical informational site, but at the same time can be a lot of fun to work with people like that. So, uh, let's see what everybody else is working on. Let's start with Ms. Kim over here. [inaudible] jr well, I'm coming around what you're working on Kim. 

So I'm working on a product promotion campaign for one of our automotive clients. Heard you talking about ecommerce. So, uh, put together a campaign about these products that they want to push out. So got the campaign put together and now I'm getting it scheduled out on Facebook. Actually this is not Facebook. This is buffer. And 

look at all those emojis. Yeah. Yeah. Putting it together. Yeah. Emojis good to use. Good. Yeah. 

They make your posts more interesting. Makes it stand out more. Don't use it all the time, but sprinkle them in every now and then. It's fun. Alright, 

emojis are fun. Check coming over to a large shell. What's you up to? 

I am working on an email report for our new client, United Way of St Charles. Um, as you can see they do pretty well. So I'll be wrapping that up soon. Letting them know how everything went and bouncing back and forth to constant contact. Examining that. 

Yeah, let's do it. So they're a new client. That's their first email. Right? So what is the kind of stuff that's in a report and email report that maybe people should expect? Like what, what does that quantify? Like click through rate and all that stuff. 

We look at how many people opened it and then once they got an email, uh, look at their behavior and see what they clicked on, how often they clicked on those links. Um, we check how many people on subscribe, which isn't very many for this campaign, which is great. We look at bounces, you know, some people go on vacation or they get on auto reply. So look at all of that to see the best way to develop content for the future. 

Alright, thanks in digital marketing, beautiful. All that information at the fingertips. And let's round off with Mr Brian. Mr CEO, what are you doing buddy? 

So I'm downsizing images before I put them on someone's website, they send me a bunch of images of a project that they just completed. Um, it's a person who they do stonework, um, like, uh, you know, backyard Patios and uh, uh, you know, stone and brick and all of that. So they sent me a bunch of images of the new project. And like most of our clients, what they do is they send the pictures to us straight off of the camera. And you can see like in this case, we started off at 3.1 megabytes. We're down to 923 kilobytes. That's still a bit large. So what I'm actually gonna do with these is I'm going to actually make the physical sizes and a smaller and then run them through here again. Um, but what that does is it makes for a nice fast website and Google likes fast websites. So, uh, yeah, that's what I'm working on. All right, cool. 

What's the name of that site in case anybody wants to go check it out? 

It's tinypng.com it's a completely free service. You can run your images through it and it will compress them way more than something like Photoshop will 

and probably a lot easier to use. All right, cool. Thanks. All right, that's it from us here. I'm going to skip, uh, Tony and Danny, um, to keep this video. Not too, too long, but we'll talk to them next week. Have a good one.